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  1. donwann

    Scratches/gouges caused by Kickstarter

    You can sand it probably starting with a 320 grit paper for painting applications. However, it will leave a much different finish than the as cast surface of the frame and will not match the surface imperfections of the rest of the frame tube. Unless you plan on stripping the bike down to its bare frame to either polish it or paint it, I don't know of a way to have it look untouched. I have considerable experience in polishing metals, and aluminum can be polished easily. It is time consuming though to get a uniform finish on something like a motorcycle frame.
  2. donwann

    whats the secret to maintain a white sm ?

    Like jjktmrider said, Scotchbrite pads are the worst thing you can use on plastic followed by paper towels. That green scrub pad from the kitchen sink is Scotchbrite. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are Scotchbrite pads. Soft Scrub is an abrasive cleaner (think Comet Cleanser). jjktmrider has the best method followed by a good paste or liquid wax (not spray wax). That clear shiny outer surface on your plastic is pretty when new but is easily marred with improper cleaning. A dirty towel used to dry it can easily scratch the coating, and it is next to impossible to remove the scratches unless you are well versed in plastic polishing.
  3. donwann

    JD Jet Kit--Now Hard to Start, Won't Idle

    As well as the corrosion to the interior carb body and float bowl I found a lot of deteriorated rubber that the ethanol had attacked. I traced it back to the fuel line and replaced the fuel line. The interior of the fuel line looked like it had been turned inside out and hit with a sandblaster!!!! The fuel line on the DR was to short to add an inline filter. My new lawn (new at the time) suffered the same problem. After one season of use it would not start. Pulled the fuel line and it was completely ate up by the ethanol. Only use fuel without ethanol in my bikes and lawn mower now. Oh yea. Had two string trimmers succumb to ethanol laden fuel as well. That stuff ate up the fuel lines, primer bulbs, carb gaskets, and carb o-rings. The only thing ethanol is good for is drinking.
  4. donwann

    JD Jet Kit--Now Hard to Start, Won't Idle

    You didn't say whether the bike would stay running and idle once you got it started by holding the throttle open. Will it idle once started? If not I would pull the pilot jet and starter jet and inspect them to see if they are obstructed. My DR650 sat for awhile with fuel in the float bowl (about 3 months with 10% ethanol added fuel) and it did nasty things to the carb. I finally had to pull it off of the bike and run it through my sonic cleaner to break up the residue left behind in the small orifices. The ethanol laced fuel caused a light green corrosion inside the float bowl and carb body wherever the fuel touched that could not be wiped out or cleaned out with aerosol carb cleaner. I also had to use fine gauge copper wire to clean the ports of the jets. My bike exhibited the same problems as yours. Would only start (unwillingly) with the application of full throttle and would not idle at all until I sonic cleaned the carb. Runs like new now. My dad's Triumph Bonneville sat for a couple of years with the petcock open and fuel in the tank. It was way worse than my DR, but runs fine now as well. Check you pilot and starter jet orifices and those jets passages to ensure they aren't clogged.
  5. donwann

    help me lord Jesus!

    I bought a Craftsman 1/2 inch "clicker" type torque wrench last January to go along with my 3/8's inch ft/lb and 3/8's inch in/lb torque wrenches. I have owned my 3/8's ft/lb wrench for over twenty years. I bought it at a pawn shop and took it to Sears and had it re-calibrated for free. It stays stored in my tool box zeroed out when not in use. My in/lb model is about seven years old and has only been used a couple of times. The 1/2 drive model was needed to torque some larger bolts on my truck. When I went to use it fresh out of the box, it wouldn't ratchet, and I wasn't getting what I thought was an accurate reading. I liked at its plastic storage box. Sure enough "made in China" was printed on it. Not just the box but the tool as well. My other two Craftsman torque wrenches were made in the USA. I took the ratchet mechanism apart on the 1/2 inch drive torque wrench and found that it had been assembled incorrectly and had no lubrication at all. I was glad I had the 3/8's wrenches to look at to see how it was supposed to be assembled. Luckily all the parts were in the ratchet mechanism, and I was able to put it back together correctly. I then verified various torque loads against my 3/8's torque wrench. I'm pretty much done with Craftsman as almost all of their tools are made in China now. I did notice that their hammers are still made in the USA though.
  6. donwann

    dr vs. triumph

    I've got an '06 DR650 and an '06 Triumph Bonneville (was my 80 year old dad's bike), so I've got both sides covered.
  7. donwann

    polaris predator

    Reverse was added in '04. As far as cheap mods are you asking about performance mods? If so, everything else will require engine modifications such as porting the heads, big bore kit, etc. This is a photo of my '05 Troy Lee edition. It has an older White Brothers Carbon Pro exhaust (loud), a Rath Racing header, Fasst Flexx handlebars, K&N air filter, rejetted for the exhaust and filter, A-arm skid plates, air scoops for the radiator, and Tusk nerf bars.
  8. donwann

    Anyone seen this DR650 shootout?

    I wish I had half of that guy's skill!
  9. donwann

    FASST Flexx reviews?

    I have the Fasst Flexx bars on my Predator. The previous owner installed them, so I can't tell you what kind of difference they have made. However, they do reduce some of the high frequency vibes and oscillations caused by rippled terrain that the suspension doesn't dampen. I haven't noticed any looseness in the handling due to the bars though. In fact while riding they feel the same as regular bars.
  10. donwann

    1992 DR650 starts intermittently then cuts out after a few thomps

    How long did this bike sit before you bought it? If it sat for more than a couple of months, you more than likely will have to pull the carb off and clean it. Last year I failed to drain the float bowl of my DR during our frigid season. When I went out to start it in the spring, it wouldn't start without the choke and some throttle, and it wouldn't idle at all. Our ethanoled fuel had wreaked havoc on my carb. When I pulled it off, the inside of the float bowl, the floats, and the jets were green. The ethanol had attracted enough moisture and provided enough sugar that algae had grown inside my carb. Nothing would blow this crap out either. I finally ended up using a sonic cleaner that I use to clean once fired brass cartridges. That was the only thing that would remove the junk growing inside my carb.
  11. I need Slick Products because my wife is OCD and loves to clean her car. With the Slick Products I could expand on her OCD to include my DR650, my Predator, and my Triumph!!! She hates seeing dirty vehicles in the garage!!!
  12. donwann

    Blown ACL

    Redrooster that's awesome!!! Like I said don't wimp out on the rehab. On my elbow my doctor didn't know all the ligaments were blown out until I started therapy. I broke my ulna on an angle from the end of the bone in the joint to about four inches down where the fracture came out the bottom sie of the bone. I also knocked a chunk off of the humerus at the joint. My doc wouldn't listen to me about what happened when I broke it until I told him I was having a lot of pain and instability in therapy. He then ordered an MRI and found out I had blown all the ligaments in my elbow, tore a tendon and part of my bicept!!! I was in surgery a week later!!! Now I've got two screws through both my forearm bones near my elbow to keep the fracture from ever reopening and several staples on each side of the joint where they attached the new ligaments. I set off the hand held metal detectors we use at work!!! I was off of work an extra two months because my first doctor wouldn't listen to me. Luckily I got handed over to one of the best hand, arm, shoulder guys in the area. He's the doctor that the other doctors go to when they need work. Because I worked hard in therapy I actually got better rotational movement in my left arm than I do in my right arm, and that's after spending a total of twelve weeks in two different splints from my shoulder to my wrist. Go figure. Needless to say my therapists were brutal. One girl was kind of inspirational to me though. Some how she had lost the first two fingers on ther right hand and part of her hand. The surgeon who fixed her hand did a wonderful job and made her hand smaller without sacrificing the use of her thumb. I don't know if that's what made her push harder than the others or if that was just her personallity, but she was brutal. Anyway good luck to ya and keep pushing it's worth it.
  13. donwann

    Blown ACL

    I didn't require a replacement, but I was a little leary when my doctor told me that he had fused it back together (kind of like welding it back together. He used a heated probe!!!) However, for the past thirteen years I have had not one single problem. I have snow skied. Water skied. Ran on it. Lifted weights with it. Participated as part of a five man cell extraction team dozens of times with it. For the first couple of years I kind of worried about it, but now I don't even think about it. I just wish my right knee that I tore my MCL up on in '79 had turned out as good as it!!!. It has about 2 inches of lateral movement at the knee (side to side). It lets me know when the weather is about to change. Again though it has never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. Ten years in the Army National Guard as an Infantry officer just to start!!! I'm still of the philosophy of mind over body. It all comes down to rehab. If you push yourself in rehab and continue to work it afterwards, you will not have any limitations!!!
  14. donwann

    Blown ACL

    I tore my left ACL, the meniscus, and fractured my patella when I was 38. During the orthoscopic surgery my surgeon found that the ACL wasn't torn all the way through and fused and sutured it back together. The meniscus was repaired, and he ground some arthritic buildup off of the back of my patella and other surfaces. I have had no problems with this knee since my surgery in '99, and I am pretty active. My surgeon was set up to do a replacement on my ACL. However, he was going to use one of my own tendons to do the replacement with. A couple of coworkers that I know that have had cadaver replacements have had to have the surgery repeated. Three years ago I blew out my left elbow and had the ligaments replaced with tendons from my wrists. After completing therapy, I have more rotational movement in my left arm than my right. No loss of strength and no limitations. The only thing I can't do is fully straighten my left arm.
  15. donwann

    Possible to convert 650 to run on ethanol?

    On the DR there really is not that many rubber parts to switch out. The fuel line, float bowl "o-ring", and have a good supply of needle valves for the float bowl/fuel inlet. One thing nobody has mentioned is that running on alcohol the engine will run cooler. This means there will be more blow by until the engine warms up and the rings have expanded and sealed. The racers running alcohol have to change the oil much more frequently than those running gasoline becuse of this and because the blow by is much more acidic. For those that think running a fuel injection system with alcohol will regain the power lost in switching from gasoline you are not thinking correctly. Fuel injection does not replace the btu's the energy difference between gasoline and alcohol. It doesn't matter whether you use a carb or FI. It will require much more fuel to come close the the power level that's available with gasoline. You have to jet up. You also have drivablility issues. The bike won't run for crap on a carb until its warmed up. That is one area where fuel injection is advantageous. Of course you have to have code for the engine management computer that can deal with such wide parameters.