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  1. ElMix

    Looking for a quick fill

    Hey What's up Pedrito!! Well...here am I, trying to get in touch with the big riders!! I did the search, but no one for sale. See you soon!
  2. ElMix

    Looking for a quick fill

    Hello Eddie, If I understood correctly, with my Dry Break receiver in my tank, I need to buy FV186A and FVA1, correct? With these FV's I will be able to dump the gas into my gas tank, correct? Thanks Carlos
  3. ElMix

    Looking for a quick fill

    Hello, I am looking for an used quick fill system. Either IMS or Clarke with stand or with out stand, I just need a quick fill system that fits in the IMS dry break receiver. Thanks.. CM
  4. ElMix

    '00 650 Issues

    As all bikes, you will have to keep an eye on it before every ride. It is true that this bikes requires less maintenance costs that other bikes. On my bike, we review the valves approximatelly every four months, we just have adjusted the valves like twice a year.
  5. Hello, If somebody have or know somebody that have an used XR650R natural color gas tank for dry break, please let me know. I want to buy one, but honestly, dont wanna pay 225dlls. Thanks Mix
  6. ElMix

    Anyone need an IMS 3.4 for an 650R

    Is for dry break or just tread cap?