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  1. sfqbrex12

    went to the pitster dealer yesterday...

    dude u can get an x2r at hobbyhut the local dealer here in pa for just over 2000 and he has a couple used ones when i say used ridden 3 times for 5 minutes each for about 1800 he sponsors my pitbike track here in south eastern pa, check em out and give him a call, he can def get u the 125x lots cheaper and make arrangment to meet or whatever. hes a cool dude man ask for mike. hobbyhut.com
  2. sfqbrex12

    2nd Mini Thunder SX Race!!

    if anyones in the area the track is dry and ready to go, flood didnt stop us one bit. Were opening the track to anyone who wants to practice tonight under the lights. come check it out
  3. sfqbrex12

    THUMPSTAR Super 125

    pitsters are awesome, theirs a dealer in my area that has the x2r's right now for 2100, things are sick! 14/12 combo, billet everything, gpx motors, gas filled shock, adjustable inverted forks, just completely bad ass, folding levers asv style. His name is mike owns hobby hut Hobbyhut.com if you wanna get thier number. Bikes are rediculous.
  4. sfqbrex12

    2nd Mini Thunder SX Race!!

    its mostly adult racing, the track layout is supercross style, probably one of the best straight up pit bike tracks around. adults classes as follows: 50cc Stock 50cc Mod. Up to 90cc 50cc Open Up to 134cc Midsize KLX/DRZ Dash for Cash
  5. sfqbrex12

    2nd Mini Thunder SX Race!!

    bump, wanna get everyone to see this and come check out this track
  6. sfqbrex12

    2nd Mini Thunder SX Race!!

    Hey guys same deal as the last one, but hopefully it won't down pour an hour before the race, with all the rain were having the track should actually be nice and stick and in great shape for saturday, this race is saturday during the day. registration starts at 8am racing starts round noon. Were looking to get as many people out there as possible. Any help getting the word out is appreciated. I will post new pictures of the entire track this week. Hopefully everyone who came out last time will bring a friend or two and come out again. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me via email or phone. remember track is much bigger and more technical. includes whoops, big doubles, tables tops, step ups, and a finish line triple. perfect bowl turns, track is hands down one of the nicest pit bike tracks on the east coast. guaranteed. Kids Classes *Trophies and Gift Cert. for kids Junior 50cc Quads ages 11 and under 50cc Quads ages 12 and up Super Quad 110cc Max 50cc 2wheelers ages 4-7 50cc 2wheelers ages 8-11 60cc Kids 7-11 Adult Classes ages 12 and up *Cash Prizes and Gift Cert. for adults 50cc Stock 50cc Mod. Up to 90cc 50cc Open Up to 134cc Midsize KLX/DRZ *classes can be added to accommodate 2040 Lucon Road Schwenksville, PA 19473 Globalentertainmentforkids.com again trophies giveaways gift certificates dash for cash races food and drinks etc. feel free to contact me via email or phone. sfqbrex12@yahoo.com 610-850-4245
  7. sfqbrex12

    Over the peg brake for Pitster?

    AHP also has a plate that lowers your pegs and gives you more room, i run one on my bike and like it a lot.
  8. sfqbrex12

    Over the peg brake for Pitster?

    if im not mistaken wont the one that fits the aftermarket bikes like sdg etc will fit the RCM, they will be available in about a month.
  9. sfqbrex12

    Front fork oil question too...

    you will not have to change springs....once u put in heavier fork oil you be ok. try putting 30wt 4.5-5 ounces and see if that stiffens it up a bunch, your rebound might be more bouncy or quicker but you wont have a problem bottomingout.
  10. sfqbrex12

    Mini Thunder Mini SX Race

    bump....want everyone to see this, we are expecting a huge turnout, everyone should come check this track out and have a good time, DJ, Free food, wheelie contest, prizes giveaways trophies for every class, Trail Bikes oil cooler for 1st place, AHP tricked out mini giveaway, RC car giveaway, AHP models, and best of all some good all fashion backyard bar banging, excpet this is on a Pit Bike dedicated 40,000 sq foot pitbike track, triples,doubles,tabletops, whoops,step ups, everything! come on out guys PM me for more info, classes for everyone!
  11. sfqbrex12

    Good Deal Or Rip Off?

    outlawpowersports..............do your rims fit SDG?
  12. sfqbrex12

    Rear Shock...

    def need a pic
  13. sfqbrex12

    Front fork oil question too...

    30 weight probably about 5-6 ounces depending on ur skill level, i'd suggest 5.5ounces considering your on the low end of 200
  14. sfqbrex12

    open practice NE guys

    Hey guys just a reminder open practice tomorrow, wed the 7th at mini thunder free! yes free no charge to ride the brand new supercross track! Practice starts at 5pm load em up and shoot down after work or school. Mini Thunder 2040 Lucon Rd Schwenksville, PA 19473 MAP QUEST!
  15. sfqbrex12


    SDG are a lil pricey although they are coming down, i have rode the brand X and it is very close to the sdg and is a good bike i agree with pjoel, some people who hate sdg's bc they break ummm last time i checked i work on my yz450 as much if not more then my pitbike does that make it a POS its an '06 thier dirt bikes! they do break!