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  1. I have a pretty nice 72 AT2 that I want to get it running, but I need a magneto for it, anybody got on any ideas on where to find one?
  2. MXmomRIDER

    Bike won't start

    Check out this post.... Stock 230/150 hard starting fixed If you want to keep your 230/150 stock(meaning not taking out the Air box lid and exhaust baffle) Adjust your fuel screw to 2.5 turns from full in and it will start a lot easier and make more power. It is the little brass screw under the carb by the fuel bowl on the forward side. It is so simple but no one even bothers to try it. I know with the mods and a rejet it will make even more power but, I don't want to do all that and in the end it is still a play bike, if it is 16 hp or 18 with the mods, it is still no 35hp 250X. I am sure that it picks up a little hp in stock form with a turn of the screw. Try it, it is free. __________________
  3. MXmomRIDER

    CRF150 Black Plastics

    Hey THANKS Tiki, I ordered the Side panels from maier and preprinted backgrounds from Factory Backing the "Bolt series" I just finished putting the backgrounds on the new plastics!! It Looks so awesome! the best I've seen yet what can I say!! I can't wait to get em on the bike! I think I'll just keep em on my bookshelf (Ha!) I don't want to mess them up!!! Look for Pic in my garage soon!!!
  4. MXmomRIDER

    Son wants a bigger bike

    He's been riding my bike since June, so he already has all the gear you mentioned... All of it! right down to the brand! (Thor Phase)... . Look at the pic in my garage. I did just get him new Thor "Quadrant" boots, also a Thor Aftershock Chest Protector, and SIXSIXONE Knee & Elbow Guards too!. The Helmet is made by Vega. (color scheme matched the bike). So he's set, unless of course he gets a Yamaha (ha!)
  5. MXmomRIDER

    Gorman Forest Run Friday

    Better fill those camel backs with Hot Chocolate! (Ha!) Hey guys just wanted to let you know it's pretty cold up here! Today the low was 27 and warmed up to a whoppin 41! Tomorrow the low will be 30 and high of 38!. If it's windy which it will be when you ride.. factor in the wind chill! It's been feeling like snow for 3 days now. So dress warm and be prepared and please be careful!! What can I say my name says it all!!!.... I can't help it!! Have fun!! I get to go to LA (where it's warm!)(ha!)
  6. MXmomRIDER

    Son wants a bigger bike

    What is the HP on the YZ125 and/or CR125 Isn't the YZ125 and YZ250F pretty close in power anyway My kid is pretty mature which makes him responsible and sensible about riding and driving so I'm not too worried about him being careless with power, but I want him to be matched with his bike so he can get the most enjoyment out of it and not out grow it in 3-6 months. His friend has a RM250 and he can ride that pretty good, so his friend tells me! Do all 2 strokes have powerbands? why is the powerband good or bad?
  7. MXmomRIDER

    Son wants a bigger bike

    -He's 5'8" -120lbs -He rides mostly trails, learning MX. He complains of the 150 suspension bottoming out when jumping. (We live 5mi from Gorman so we hope to do alot more riding when I get him his own bike and I can get mine back. He tells me there are a few tracks at Gorman when trail riding so he's learning MX that way. So we'll see if he gets confident enough to compete at the I5 track in Gorman. -I want to spend $2000 - $2500 (Initially) -Tools? on the computer I'm great!... In the garage....I'm even better!! -Maintenance costs - I would rather have more basic routine maintenance than major periodic maintenance. In other words we like working on the bike and would like to do the work ourselves (if we could) but would probably have to send it out for major stuff because of special tools and knowledge, but hope to eventually get those tools and knowledge to do it ourselves! I'm not afraid to try doing anything myself but know how much more enjoyable it is when you have the right tools and knowledge I have to teach my kid how to do things right and not swear and throw things because of the lack of those tools and/or knowledge! I agree with whoever said "let him test ride a few and see which one he's more comfortable with" That is so true and forgot that theory! So when I have done my job as a parent and decide what kind of money I can spend and the power and maintenece that is best for him then I'l let him coose from the final choices.
  8. MXmomRIDER

    Son wants a bigger bike

    I bought a CRF150 for myself in June 05 and let my son use it to begin riding trails on, I knew he would grow out of it soon... then I would get him a bigger one and get mine back. I'm researching which ones to get and need a little help in deciding... He wants a YZ125... and I said 4 stroke would be better because of less maintenance. So far I'm convinced of the YZF250..... I'll have to buy used of course (00-05)... to save some money. Any differances in the years from 2000 to 2005?? Any other suggestions or comments??
  9. MXmomRIDER

    Different bike graphics?

    Hey CRF230 RIDER; On that graphic kit in that pic you posted on 1/18/06, that was a 2004 design and they are no longer avail.... although the TT Store still lists them for $54.46. Tucker Rocky is the one who carried them the Part # is 13-7074 for the CRF150 (don't know if they will also fit the CRF230 or not)
  10. MXmomRIDER

    crf150 pipe

    P.S. I checked on the availability of that Yosh pipe for the crf150 and my source stated "no longer available". If you really need to know, you could always call Yosh and ask. If you can't find their # let me know and I could get it and call for you. The Thumper Talk store listed it at $224.96, but didn't state if it was available or not.
  11. MXmomRIDER

    crf150 pipe

    Pger555 is right.... If you look in the Tucker Rocky 2005 offroad catalog on page 499, Part# 19-9860 is for CRF150/230F with the ALUM Can for $269.95. Part# 19-9848 is for CRF450R/X with the CARBON FIBER Can for $545.95. I myself am waiting for Two Brother's to come out with their Carbon Fiber Exhaust System for the CRF150. You probably can also go to the TT Store and go to the catalogs and choose Tucker Rocky and put in those part numbers and get the right description. Hope that helps clear up any confusion!
  12. MXmomRIDER

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    I rode a little as a kid and wanted a bike ever since. My uncle gave me a little Honda trail CT 70 about 10 years ago. I finally bought an 04 CRF150 last year at age 43, but am letting my 14 year old son ride it to learn on untill this summer which he will otgrow, then hope to get him a yzf 250. Then I can get my bike back and we both can ride.
  13. MXmomRIDER

    Dealers and their Lameness

    I like the look of your old bike! how did you do that! you mentioned it was painted. Did you do the painting or someone else??
  14. MXmomRIDER

    CRF150 Black Plastics

    Duh! Your right... the pics are of his 250, I guess I got confused when I seen what he listed in his signature. Any way I'm looking for black backgrounds like he has on his 250. What can I say I want to be just like him when I grow up!!
  15. MXmomRIDER

    CRF150 Black Plastics

    Hey "i heart ridin" where did you get your number backgraounds for your crf150?? nice looking bike!