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  1. Broke both ankles about ten years ago. Three screws in the left ankle, but only had to wear a walking boot on the right. At least I was able to get around on crutches.
  2. I had this happen on my '04 crf250 about 5 years ago. I built that pocket back up with a TIG and used a Dremel to get it back into shape. Has worked fine ever since.
  3. I started working for Neo trailers last fall. We build all aluminum trailers and have a "motorcycle" trailer that is garage height. Not sure on pricing, but I think they are more than a standard trailer.
  4. you could also check the float level, and make sure that the fuel petcock is clear and flowing well.
  5. is your exhaust system clear of any obstructions?
  6. Arizona

    Thanks for the ride DUS TEE! We rented a couple of quads and I took my sister's family up on Montana Mountain today. It wasn't quite as busy this week.
  7. Arizona

    I'm on a crf250r. Thursday might be a better day for me to go out. My sister and brother-in-law are flying in on friday afternoon. I'm not sure how far I can go without fuel. I would think that 50 miles would be pushing it, but that depends on how much high speed stuff there is too.
  8. Arizona

    Do you have to be plated to run the fire roads?
  9. Arizona

    Anyone riding ETMotopark tomorrow night?
  10. Arizona

    I'm not plated. I have my orv sticker and spark arrestor, so I should be good for the trails. I got a pass for Bulldog Canyon today, but from what I have seen online, it is not that great for bikes. I was thinking that I might just find some trail heads and see if I could hook up with some riders there.
  11. Arizona

    I got into town today. Looks like some rain is supposed to be moving in. Anybody want to show me around?
  12. Arizona

    I'm getting ready to head out to Apache Junction for few weeks (end of March-beginning of April,) and was thinking about bringing my bike. I would like to maybe hit a couple practice days on the track, and maybe a little trail riding. Any opinions on the "must ride" tracks? Which tracks are prepped the best? What are some easy, scenic trails? Are spark arestors required? Thanks!
  13. I have a long bed Ranger with a standard tool box. I bolted a piece of tubing with eye-bolts across the bed rails, behind the box. The tailgate has to be down, and the weight is a little far back, but it easily hauls 2 bikes and I can still use the bed like normal without a bike.
  14. A few years ago I bought a new '07 head and kibblewhite valves/springs for my 2004 crf250. I don't know how much of a difference the head made, but I definitely have no complaints about the heavier valves.
  15. thanks! That is about what I figured. In the pics I was looking at it is hard to tell.