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  1. I can't wait for the 07 models! the 450 IS NOT gonna be heavier with the electric starter. they compensated for the wait in other areas ( one example, every engine cover is made of magnesium) but i don't remember a lot of other details. BUT A ALL NEW 250 SX 2stroke!! I'm gonna be in line for the new 250 sx 2-stroke! the Suspension is also supposed to be all new and completely blow the old stuff out of the water on all the models. and they look weird as hell next year. number plates are gonna be a bitch.
  2. go with the XR 250 or ttr 250. you'll out grow the 230 to soon, And if anything, your 6 foot tall, you need the room of the xr 250.
  3. I've never used bridgestone and i don't have a lot of complaints or hoorays for dunlop, but my Michelin MS3 has lasted for ever! when i switched from the dunlop on my bike to my MS3 it was quite a noticable change for the good. I've never had a problem with it when switching form hard packed to soft terrain. I don't think you would have any regrets with the Michelin. I'll probably never switch tires from my MS3
  4. Ya, other than just some small tweaks just for rider preference, it doesn't need much. Just run it! oh, and yes, baja designs (or anywhere else) is gonna drain your wallet, unless you find something on ebay your gonna spend big bucks for a kit from baja designs.
  5. WOW! Beautiful bike for it's age! looks brand new. I'm pretty sure in texas that you would just have to slap a license plate (since you already have lights) but that's texas and almost anything is legal in texas. but i wouldn't trade that in, but if you wanted something else, don't trade it in to a dealer. I don't know if they would give a you a fair price, even though it's practically new they just might see 1996 and try to jew you down on price. But most of all, WOW, good looking bike!
  6. Not only should you not buy that because it's crap and they want to much, but I'm pretty sure that those are the same guys that screwed me over. I bought a Shock for my RM 250 from the SAME guys. after i paid them, more than a month went by and after several angry emails they finally told me they sold it to someone else from their shop (after i had already won the auction and paid in full) and i was out of luck. don't trust those guys, and how much does that say that they can't even was the stupid pipe before selling it?