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  1. Just wondering if anyone has or has seem a complete heavy flywheel for the new 2017 2018 crf450r Or RX? I cannot seem to find one on steahly site or any other for that matter? Looking into an upgrade but would like to add the flywheel along with a few other off road parts when i make the purchase. Any help guys? Thanks.
  2. GTXR

    CRF450R Lights?

    How long do you need light for? I have a 40watt led light bar mounted just in front of my bars. 2 bolts to install and remove. Powered buy an 8000mah lipo batter. Its brighter than any car/quad/utv lights buy far. and you cant ride fast enough to out ride the light. I get a solid 2.5hrs out of each battery. carry a spare. plus my Led helmet light and i have tons of light. Ill post a pic later if you want?
  3. GTXR

    Coolant leaking out of weep hole

    Balancer shaft bearings. Thats what I meant to say. that shaft also has the oil pump drive gear on it etc. This is often over looked on older or high Hour engines etc. Good luck but im betting its your problem.
  4. GTXR

    Coolant leaking out of weep hole

    Have you replaced the oil pump bearings and water pump drive shaft bearings?? The oil pump bearings are on the inside case after you remove the outer case and water pump housing. if these have some wear in them. It will cause the water pump shaft to wiggle/ have more play than the seals can handle. It will cause a leak no matter how good the seal or shaft is. Also are you putting the seals back together in the correct direction?
  5. GTXR

    Cold jetting

    Kick it over once or twice. Give it 3-4 full thottle twists pull the choke out. And give it a good kick or 2. If its jetted properly it should fire up. If it fires and then sputters and dies. Give it a few more throttle wacks and try again. Works everytime for mine
  6. GTXR

    Lexx MX3 slip-on

    Do you have one? Have you Dynoed it?? There are slight gains over stock.
  7. GTXR

    Crf450 kick start stop plate

    crf450r Does not have a Decompression Lever!! Its automatic. Decomp system is run off of the cam journal inside the valve cover. Once rpm reaches a certain limit it disengages. Only extra lever on Non FI 450's is the Hot start.
  8. GTXR

    Lexx MX3 slip-on

    I use the same Lexx Mxe and powerbomb header combo on my 04. It does give more power all around and a bit more bottom end snap. I run mine with the optional screen type spark arrestor and the 34mm tip. Sounds great. Pretty quiet at lower rpm levels to keep the trail gods happy. And not really any louder than stock when in the upper rpm while on the throttle. Great pipe for the $$$
  9. GTXR

    Heated hand grips

    On what bikes have you run heated grips on?? MX Or X models will not have enough electrical power to run them?
  10. GTXR

    04 crf 450 just bought with noise

    shouldnt be when properly tuned. If its really cold out ill just kick mine through a couple times, 3 or 4 full throttle twists and then choke, Starts in first or second kick. once warm. 1 or 2
  11. GTXR

    04 crf 450 just bought with noise

    sounds like the timing chain tensioner. Id pull the topend apart. Check the valves. Put a new piston and rings into it. Along with a new cam chain and cam chain tensioner. Check the crankshaft clearances while your in there. Then you should be good to go and at least know that its all in good shape. This doesnt take much time to do and isnt very expensive either.
  12. GTXR

    04 CRF450 EXHAUST

    They changed the front exhaust/muffler bolt location after 2004. The bolt that holds what i call the mid pipe to the frame in between the header pipe and Muffler etc.. On our 04's it on the sub frame and in 2005 they moved it to the Frame side. Not a big deal you could get away without it. Or just fab up a little bracket like i did. I did this so i could put 2005+ slip on mufflers on. And I went with a Lexx exhaust from Rocky mnt atv along with an FMF powerbomb. Great inexpensive setup. Very tune able with and without a spark arrestor etc. Just my 2cs
  13. GTXR

    04 left side crank bearing?

    I did the whole bottom and top end guys. Appreciate the help. But this is an old thread. Already got a fair amount of hours on the new crank/bearings/cam/piston etc.
  14. GTXR

    2006 crf450r trans

    May not have to split the cases if your lucky. You may only have to pull the right side outer case and clutch off. You may have just bent or damages the shifter pawl. Part that moves the shift drum. Easy fix. If not that then possibly a shift fork. Not a to bad of a job if your mechanically inclined and take your time. Just my 2cs
  15. GTXR

    Recommended Sprocket Brand

    Iron Man sprockets and D.I.D VT2 chain. Well worth the cash and will outlast other x2