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  1. LAndrew

    2014 kx85 plastics fit older kx85 or kx100?

    Yuck, i'll borrow my wifes phone. Those look like the kind of pictures you get with a camera in the gumball machines. I'll also get one of the seat off so you can see the frame cuts. Next week
  2. LAndrew

    2014 kx85 plastics fit older kx85 or kx100?

    Excuse the aging iPhone 4 with it's scratched lens surface. Also my son leaned the bike against something so the rear fender has a twist to it.
  3. LAndrew

    2014 kx85 plastics fit older kx85 or kx100?

    I did my research with microfiche and part numbers and high-res pictures and decided to gamble a bit and order the 2014 plastic for my 2006 KX100. The plastics arrived yesterday, a Polisport 2014 green front fender and a UFO 2014 white rear fender. Front when on no problem. The pre-drilled holes are bigger than the 2013 and earlier but it wasn’t an issue for me. The rear fender needed some work. The 2 forward mounting holes that go into the airbox were an exact fit. The frames rear metal tabs that come out straight and then flare out were in the way. I knew if I cut the tabs right where they flared out that it would probably fit. I also knew once I cut them I was going to have to make the 2014 rear fender work and that I probably couldn’t go back. I also knew this was close and that if I did that I would be forced to make it work. So cut I did. Then I was able to push the new fender all the way on and line up the pre-drilled holes in the vertical flats on the fender to the frame tabs. I had to drill into the frame for the mounting bolts. I did a few test fits with the seat and it doesn’t quite match the new fender like it did the old one not as good as the pictures of the 2014 bike. It’s not bad, just not seamless. Then I heat gunned the fender area where it meets the base of the seat and sat on it while it cooled. The way the rear fender and the number plates fit was also and issue. I had to trim with and exacto knife the horizontal flares of the fender so it did not force the number plates out to much. I probably took about 10-14mm from them. I surprised myself with how straight I cut them and how factory my cuts looked. Usually I get wavy, then I go back to correct and the cycle continues until it looks like a dog was chewing on it. I apologize for no pictures because as they say "this thread is worthless without pics”. In the end I would do this mod again and again. I did mess up and have to elongate the predrilled holes in the rear fender but that's just because I made a mistake when test fitting. If he crashes and it breaks it will be as simple as pushing it in place to line up the side holes, drill the plastic and then it’s done. It does look way more modern, that front fender is quite the angled piece and the rear has a nice taper and point to it. It looks like a modern bike now. Pictures coming shortly.
  4. LAndrew

    2014 kx85 plastics fit older kx85 or kx100?

    Looks much better, thanks I'm trying to go one step further and get the 2014 plastics on there
  5. LAndrew

    2014 kx85 plastics fit older kx85 or kx100?

    I'm thinking the 2014 front fender will fit the older bikes but may need some trimming of the old number plate. Has anyone tried the rear fender yet from a 2014 on a 2012 and older ?
  6. I was getting my sons 2006 KX100 ready to ride for the first time this year and in a shift to 3rd the master link let go. Upon examination it was to wide as if the master link was made for an o-ring chain. We will be getting the proper one now. The plastic magneto cover cracked and so did a piece of aluminum from bolt hole to bolt hole crack off at the case directly in front of the sprocket. JB welded them tonight and we will see how that holds up. Because of the 1 piece sprocket cover and magneto cover its a bit tough to simply add a case guard. Does anyone make an aluminum magneto cover for these or any way of protecting this area in the future ?
  7. I was ready to buy some for about $60-$90 shipped to my door.. Then I saw how simple they were for this bike. They are basically flat bars of steel or aluminum with a hole and each end. Hacksaw and drill are all that's needed. For $5 and change I bought about a foot of 6061-T6 Aluminum flat bar 1" wide and 6mm (1/4") think. My original links were 111mm eye to eye. I made these 127mm long eye to eye. It dropped the rear about 2". For another $5 I might do a 1" drop in the spring when he's grown over the winter months. They were so easy to make I might do a set for my 08 YZ450F for when we hit the rockies and get into some really hairy terrain and see how I like them. For anyone wanting to lower their bike this really is a inexpensive mod that can be swapped out in about 10-15min.
  8. LAndrew

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Can you tell me how much qiueter the silencer you have on there is compared to the stocker ? My son and hopefully wife will be riding our KX100 and I'd love to quiet it down a bit more. It came with a R304 Shorty so it doesn't get much louder than that.
  9. Another funny side note. The mechanic must have been having a bad day or 2. The power seemed to abrupt and came on like a lightswitch. Thought, hmmm I better check the powervalve. Sure enough it was set so that the valve was already halfway open. Set it back to stock (pre -tension on it keeping closed - that is correct right ??) and it works much better. Quietest silencer, OEM stock or a Type 296 or an FMF Q? Right now it has a Pro-Circuit Type 304 Shorty and I want to swap it for something super quiet.
  10. Thank you so much! It worked and was quick and easy. I used 4 hacksaw blades all at once to cut the new slot. I ordered a 2005 flywheel used from the 'bay for about $55 with 3 day shipping. Used that to get the proper angle for the new keyway. Worked great, started up fine. Then I went to put in in gear and it stalled. I thought it was clutch plates that had sat, so I tried that a few more times then again in 2nd and same thing, lurch and stall. Took the clutch apart (had to cut the nut off as even after MAPI heat and my airgun set full it would not budge!!) Finally after getting that off I found the issue. The machanic had put 2 washers behind the hub and not 1. The other washer was supposed to go between the basket and hub. It was basically locked in drive. Now I just need a new nut (probalby a week away in Canada if they don't have stock) and I'll be able to ride the bike. Thanks again for the excellent advice it saved me hundreds and lots of time.
  11. The 80 rotor is the same correct? I can use that as a reference as well ?
  12. Your the man, never thought of that. What about the stator plate and where it triggers? Hmmm, this is just re-timing the old flywheel to a new degree to match the new location on the crank correct? I do'nt have an old 05 flywheel. Maybe ill look for a very detailed picture.
  13. Ok so the flywheel, stator and CDI box are different from 2005 to 2006. It's so much easier to swap those out than split the cases. Any one tried this, I doubt is since it is a rare thing.
  14. Hi, I was doing a search and found this on here from a member: "The cranks are different. The older cranks have a circlip on the end of the crank on the clutch side. The newer cranks have a nut and washer on the clutch side. There is a difference on the timing for the different years. In other words if you try to use the wrong crank it will not run because the timing is different. I know this because a dealership sent me the wrong crank and said the only difference was the circlip and nut. But I found out the differences and had to break motor down again and fix with correct crank and everything was fine then. Good Luck" Is there any work around at all? Like a different flywheel from a 2005 perhaps? I have a 2006 bike that has a 2005 crank put in it and the dealer could not start it, I see why of course. I'd hate to have to split the cases again. I'm going to look up flywheel numbers now and explore that option....
  15. Excellent news thanks guys. I haven't picked it up yet but I'll post here when I do and what I've discovered.