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  1. nah, my hand didn't get stuck... i merely tried to lay it down but rolled the throttle in the process. sometimes a rekluse has its drawbacks... lol ... and i was so pumped for the race! glad i didn't ruin the yammi guy's day... he actually went on to win his class.
  2. uhh... yeh, it sucked... i was horrified and completely shocked that this happened to me. ahh well... at least i finished and wasn't in last. i still laugh about it everytime i see it. all in good fun!
  3. Bulletproof Designs are the best there is imo
  4. owa_owa

    Troll trail

    was just on TT last weekend... saw all of 4 bikes... 3 of them were going the wrong freakin way... the park was completely full so it was nice to get away from the crowds. unfortunately, i missed the part of the trail with the bench and all... seems i took a wrong turn, but the trail is still my favorite at hollister. seems a little overgrown in parts but that's the kind of stuff i like to ride. lots of damage and washouts where squids have fallen of the trail. btw... i don't get poison oak so i don't worry about it.
  5. owa_owa

    I need a good KTM parts source

    i agree. have used them before and will use them again. i've also used ktmhutt.com but found that they sometimes take a long time to ship... so i prefer to use munn. jmo
  6. owa_owa

    just bought a 2000 ktm 400 sx

    i have an '01 400sx and absolutely love it. Mine doesn't have e-start either but i could install the kit if i feel like it. I've modded my bike a little so it's more of a 'woods' bike rather than an mx bike. i added a heavier flywheel, skid plate, revalved and re-sprung the front and rear suspension and installed a few other items to add to it's 'bling' factor. I think you'll love this bike. It has a good power to weight ratio, is reliable and easy to work on. there are lots of parts that are interchangeable on the ktm's as well in case you feel like adding lights, etc. you might even feel the need to modify your bike depending on how/where you like to ride. in any event i'm sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase. Congrats and welcome to the 'orange' side!
  7. i have the Gutts seat and have been very happy with it... i've tried the EE seat but prefer the Gutts. I'm 6'1" and weigh about 210 w/o gear. Hope this helps. cheers