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  1. Bullett500

    TTR230 Dual Sport

    good job thats a nice looking bike
  2. Bullett500


    i have a fly cr bend and its a lot better then stock
  3. Bullett500

    Best place to buy dirtbike gear

    www.denniskirk.com www.rockymountainatv.com www.motosport.com
  4. Bullett500

    04 Ttr 125l Oil Questions

    i change mine every other hard ride
  5. Bullett500

    125L's for twin boys

    thatsa good deal wow
  6. Bullett500

    TT 125 baffle removal

    no you don't have to rejet
  7. Bullett500

    ttr90 for my wife 5'1"

    i would advise a 125 because a 90 would be really small for her
  8. Bullett500

    My Son turned his TTR125 into a submarine.

    thats awesome man
  9. Bullett500

    oil filter

    no i don't think they do
  10. a minimum of 45 for sure
  11. Bullett500

    TTR125L vs. CR85

    pretty sure the cr85
  12. Bullett500

    TTR 230 with YZ front end

    good job looks nice
  13. Bullett500

    06 ttr with yz front and disc rear brake

    sweet looking bike good work
  14. Bullett500

    What is GYTR?

    Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing
  15. Bullett500

    If Yamaha can produce this, why no YZF150?

    I wish they would hurry up and put it out cause I want one