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  1. Strega 51

    how many miles?

    I have DR Motards old bike now, he is my oldest son (Drew) and have been riding it to work every day since Thanksgiving plus weekend rides and it is running great. link to some photos.. http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20733
  2. Strega 51

    DR650 custom rack

    Awsome work looks like a factory part..
  3. Strega 51

    How many miles/kilometers do you have on your Dr650

    We had 80k on our 02 when it let go and that was only because the plastic oil pump drive gear wore out or it would have gone further. Just bought a 03 engine off E-bay for 300.00 with only 2,300 miles motor should be here next Tuesday. (at 50K I would reccomend replacement of plastic drive gear)
  4. Strega 51

    Milage and driving style for the sm610

    You hit it right on the head if they would put out a bulletin it could save someone a lot of grief, luckely I was with another rider it was a two hour ride back to the truck and another five hours getting it back. If I would have been riding alone it would have been a night in the woods no cell service. Dealer called about 15 minutes ago bike is ready and will be picked up Saturday as its a 3 hour drive from my home. The plan is Friday the 21st is to ride from my home in Merced to the MotoGp race at Laguna Seca, on all back roads it should be about a 150 mi. ride I hope it holds together.
  5. Strega 51

    Milage and driving style for the sm610

    Mileage is pretty close to that when it's running, just another word of caution if you haven't had the nut holding the counter balancer shear key checked you may want to talk to your dealer about a possable inspection. Mine let go with about 1,500 mi on the clock, left me stranded up around Lake Tahoe for around four hours not a happy camper. I wonder just how many of these failures have taken place.
  6. Strega 51

    Top Speed

    well that's a hell of a lot faster than my Huskey is running right now DR 650 long live the king
  7. Strega 51

    '06 SM 610 16 T Counter shaft?

    The 16 fits but is very close fit, one problem I did encounter was the stock chain was short about 1 link. Had to a get a longer chain and adjust to fit, the raise in gearing was well worth it lowerd the crusing rpms to a decent thump at 65-70, yet it still gets with it in the mountains. Thought about gearing it up more with a smaller rear but the one in front is just enough. Phil
  8. Strega 51

    Steering Sticks when Bars are straight.

    Same thing on my son's 02 DR650 felt like a detent fromt the straight position, replaced the dry rusted bearings and was good to go.
  9. Strega 51

    SM610 Insterment Display

    Just got off the phone with Mark at Cagiva USA and have a new inst. pod headed to California all is right in the world again..........
  10. Strega 51

    SM610 Insterment Display

    Just would hate to have to change a battery in a bike thats under warrenty and only has 400mi on it. I will bring the batt into our shop tho for a check out. But it does look like and very inexpensive off brand not even marked other than group size. I also would agree that the inst. pod would take little power to run. aghhhhhhhhh
  11. Strega 51

    SM610 Insterment Display

    This is my first bike that is not from the land of the rising sun. also have a 02 Honda RC51 with almost 30k on the clock and has never missed a beat.
  12. Strega 51

    SM610 Insterment Display

    Well after a whole whopping 400 mi. the inst. pod gave out on startup this morning on the way to work, the battery which seems to be of very low quailty was just barely turning over the motor after just sitting for two days. As it struggled to start it just sucked the life out right out of the gauge it was half displayed and then finally went completey out. Also all indicator lights stay on neatural, high beam etc. all on. Anything to possably check ? bike still under warrenty but quite away from my dealer MotoXotica but will place a call this morning to see what we can do. Up to this point the bike has been pretty good, never had the miss/stutter ran very clean through the rev range. I really like this bike and hope for many troulble free miles...........
  13. Strega 51

    SM610 - Sudden Vibration Problem

    Way intrested, would love to see the pic, only 400 mi. so far on my 610
  14. Strega 51

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Phil, tourist are always welcome. hehehehe Sorry phil but I had to, come on down and we'll ride. Maybe drag Drew and Ingmar along. I hear from a few Zrated friends that I rode with last weekend that drew gets BIG air on hwy 229. Where do you live. jeff Jeff don't know when i'll be down again would be cool if we could get a supermoto ride going. I live where Hwy 99, 59 & 140 meet--- Merced Bring that blinged out boxer over and i'll show you some roads Iv'e got a twin also in the form of a v
  15. Strega 51

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Hey Jeff, I represent that remark wished you could have joind us the other day, Drew showed me a new road to me off the Pozo loop that was bitchen, hope to be down in your area again soon. Phil