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  1. So, we got busted riding the side of the roads this weekend with no headlight. I see this kit on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-TTR230-Headlight-Kit-Blue/dp/B006NM7A52/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432653674&sr=8-1&keywords=ttr230+headlight I notice it doesn't come with a taillight as MI law requires, other than that, any thoughts on this kit? Any thoughts on a taillight that could be added to this kit? I also am still looking for a decent stock exhaust (or even the just the stock exhaust baffle) it seems like everyone just rips the baffle off and throws it away. Any input on either would be great.
  2. Well, I finally did it, I sold my DRZ. I bought a brand new 2004 DRZ400S in 2005. With plenty of help from this forum I spent a boatload of money on the girl. At one point I had it setup for both dirt and street (SM). I added plenty of Mods over the years including E Cams, E Pipe, E base gasket, Case Savers, Scotts stabilizer, Rental Bars, Heated Grips, MCCT, and god knows what else. [Once again, thanks to this forum, for helping me spend money.] In 2009 I bought a WR450 and plated it. The DRZ spent one more summer as a backup bike for my brother and friends. In 2010 it found a spot in our Barn... up until a week ago. Long story short, after a 7 year sleep I put a jump pack on it and it started right up. I thought for sure I was going to spend a weekend getting the carb cleaned out and making it pretty again. However, a half hour with a power washer and she was trail ready again. I did a 60 mile loop with it on Saturday and on Saturday night I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. [My original plan was to clean it up and try to trade for a golf cart.] It was a lot more emotional than I expected, I forgot how much I really liked that bike. I was really tempted to turn down the offer, since my brother in law is just getting into trail riding and he really liked it. In the end, I sold it to a friend… I hope it servers her well.
  3. Regalman

    Where are the TTR 230 Stock Exhausts?

    EDIT - Ignore my rant... found a guy selling a TTR230 on Craigslist and asked about the exhaust and he had one. I've been looking for an unmolested stock exhaust for my wife's TT-230 quite some time. I haven't had a lot of luck. I find clapped out ones on eBay once in awhile but nothing nice. I figured most people take them off soon after buying and replace with aftermarket. Is that not the case on these smaller bikes? If anyone has any tips in helping me find one, I'd reward you greatly.
  4. Regalman

    Where are the TTR 230 Stock Exhausts?

    I just tried craigslist, might have a lead... all TTR-230's used the same rear half right? 2016 vs 2006?
  5. Regalman

    Replacing Chain and Sprockets

    Thanks everyone. I did buy my bike new, but it and the manual are 100 miles away from home.
  6. So, I have 2009 WR450 and it and the owners manual is at the cabin. I want to purchase a new chain and sprockets. I did some searching, but wasn't sure what my gearing, chain size and number of links is stock. With the mix of riding I do, I'm fine with the stock setup. Thanks in advance.
  7. Regalman

    Replacing Chain and Sprockets

    Thanks guys. Just in case I can find one cheap, what is the correct number of links?
  8. Regalman

    Chain broke.

    I think you just answered the reason why it broke.
  9. Regalman

    TTR gas tank cracks

    Looks good enough to me, hope it hold up well for you.
  10. Regalman

    TTR 230 FMF exhaust vs stock

    I wish I could find a stock exhaust. Any on E-Bay go for way more than I'm willing to papy.
  11. Regalman

    Best oil to run in TTR's

    If I can blindly change the oil in your daughters bike, and you can hop on and tell me what weight oil I'm using... I'll buy the first round of beers.
  12. Regalman

    Best oil to run in TTR's

  13. Regalman

    Best oil to run in TTR's

    Oh god, not another oil thread. PS - I prefer Wesson to Canola oil... I think it smells better.
  14. Regalman

    Why does everyone bash ttrs?

    ... because they are girls bike! Hehe... just kidding, but my girl does like her TTR.
  15. Every state has different rules on what you need to become street legal. In Michigan it is super easy. I thought Ohio used to be hard, but I don't know. Go hit the regional forums for your area, they can tell you what you need to do.
  16. Regalman


    If you go to the SLB, make sure you get the all you can eat fish... way worth the 5.95 price tag.
  17. Kalkaska MI So, I was recently pulled over and warned because I had my ORV stickers on my forks. (just like I and all my riding buddies have done for at least 10 years.) The guy that pulled me was a Kalkaska county reserve sheriff. He gave me a verbal warning about my ORV sticker placement but said the DNR are writing tickets and not giving warnings. I talked to the local bar (Hide-a-way bar at Starvation Lake) and they confirmed a lot of people are complaining about getting tickets for doing the same thing. Long story short, you can call the DNR license division (Ashley is who I talked to) at 517-284-6057 and she will refund your money if you purchase new ORV stickers so that you can be legal again. Hope this is appropriate for the section and not a repeat.
  18. Regalman

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    I think it is the same as what we pay... which is like $36 bucks give or take. [i don't recall the exact amount] I also could be wrong.
  19. Regalman

    Legal to ride on beach anywhere in MI?

    At Silver Lake, you can ride on the sand about 30-40 feet from the beach... the sand is wet and there is some water from sippy holes, but you can't ride on the beach itself. There is a pretty good sized berm separating the two.
  20. Regalman

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    Actually, I should take that back. There was one dude on a Honda Utility quad that had a pipe so loud you could hear him for miles. I was actually tempted to go have a talk with him. I mean, what is wrong with people? There is no need for having pipes that loud... especially on a damn utility quad.
  21. Regalman

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    We are a private property owner that has a snowmobile trail go through... I'm amazed at the number of people that ride through our yard. Not like we care, but I know some of the other owners don't like it. I'm sure it will eventually get trails shut down or create more enforcement because of the few bad apples. We saw no cops on the forth either.
  22. Regalman

    Munising Riding and Camping

    I've stayed here: http://www.horseshoelakecampground.com/ It is just west of Gwinn. There is a fantastic little loop you can ride to. It is quite tight and technical. I should add, we were catching slab bluegills right from the shore. Oh, and if your bike is loud he makes you push them out.
  23. Regalman

    What tire pressure?

    Ah yes, that sounds much more plausible.
  24. Regalman

    What tire pressure?

    Dang, 1 psi seems awfully low. I never run any of my bikes that low.
  25. Regalman

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    Well sort of. It sounds like his group of friends were pulled over for not having headlights. If he had a headlight, and does not want to be compliant, the first thing he needs to do is ask if he is being detained. If the officer states that he is detaining him, he needs to give him a reason why. He could say, I suspect you were speeding, at which case he needs to turn over his license. If the officer has no reason to detain him, then he is free to go without providing an ID.