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  1. live2ridemx4

    cheap motovan found but why so cheap?

    well i understand the whole buyers market lol. he has droped the price 500 bucks already in 3 weeks. i guess ill go take a look. are the 5.4 dependable motors?
  2. http://york.craigslist.org/cto/2008603419.html im going to check out this van today. talk to the guy last night. He was being real straight forward with the problems. he said there was some rust on the rocker panels and some on the rear brake line. the mirror glass is broke on the right side and the cruise doesnt work ( but i believe there is a recall on those years) but the guy is stressing that the drivetrain is great and that he trust it going anywhere. which is my main concern with buying a van. KBB on this van in fair condition is 4600. So basically my question is should i be weary on this. of course im going to do a complete lookover for myself but im just wondering why its so cheap! they guy said he used it for hauling bikes too... so maybe its already set up a little? thanks for any help!
  3. live2ridemx4

    heavy flywheel for mx?

    yeah i was thinking about going with the gytr one... i still want all the power of the 250 just a little smoother hit..
  4. live2ridemx4

    heavy flywheel for mx?

    anyone put a heavy flywheel on there yz for mx? i honestly think i could ride it faster with it being slower if that makes sense... i just want to know if anyone has tried it and there opinion on it! thanks!
  5. live2ridemx4

    08 yz250f forks on my 05

    okay thanks alot for the info.. thats what im going to do! and i know im coming out in this deal! i clearly let the kid know that my forks are not as good! But he honestly does not mind and honestly i do not think he will notice riding around the orchards and up and down the road! Ill keep ya updated on how everything works out! thanks alot again!
  6. live2ridemx4

    08 yz250f forks on my 05

    you cant switch clamps... the stem is too long to go in his 250f vise versa... my only problem is getting the 08 250f forks in the 250 clamps... if i switched the axel wheel spacers brakes and complete wheels it should work right?
  7. live2ridemx4

    08 yz250f forks on my 05

    okay i know this has been covered before and heard it works but i just want to make sure i have all the parts for the swap... a friend of mine had the 08 and blew his forks seals so he wanted to trade fully knowing that my forks are not as good! so im fixing the seals my self and i have new forks! we switched complete wheels brake setup even the master cylinder and forks! everything went on his bike smoothly and fits well... i havent done mine yet because i want to fix the seals first but this should fit okay right? they were a little tight getting into my 05 clamps but there the same diameter soo? just looking for some help! thanks alot
  8. live2ridemx4

    yz250 on pawn stars!!!

    did anyone see the 2006 yz250 for 1500 bucks! what the heck thats a buy!!!! the thing was mint! Somebody go offer rick at the pawn shop 1700 for that thing and have a sweet ride! haha
  9. live2ridemx4

    weird oil color...

    its most likely condensation alot of our units that are subject to temp. change often get like that and they are never even ridden! drain the oil and ride it for a little if its milky then its coolant in the oil where it might be a head gasket or a waterpump seal
  10. haha i dig your video... 250 Briggs and stratton ass... and you sound like brad pitt off inglorious bastards hahaha sweet bike though
  11. live2ridemx4

    who went from yz 125to yz 250 or vice versa

    my first big bike was a yz250f and i went to an 05 yz125 it was an awesome bike and depeding on your skill level it will make you a better rider and make you really ride the bike! im 6ft 140 so i can relate to you after my 125 i went back to a 250f and got rid of that and i ride a 05 yz250! But like i said depending on your skill level id get a yz125 it WILL make you a better rider and you will have tons of fun!
  12. live2ridemx4

    Will I have to clean my carb?

    or just use stabil ethanol treatment (the green bottle) and not worry about stale gas!
  13. live2ridemx4

    New 05 yz125 w/pics and questions

    thats the way my 05 yz250 was the kid looped it out and never rode it again! it was brand new minus the fender and side panel!! couldnt have been happier!
  14. thinking about getting my suspension done there.. they have some pretty good prices just seeing what results people have had with it
  15. live2ridemx4

    Who has blue wheel....bike pix?

    how do u like the boyensen quickshot accelerator pump. I have one coming in the mail right now for my 01' 250f. does it add noticeable power