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  1. UpAllNight

    Banshee dies after a hour or two

    Runs good for a hour or two then dies and wont start again for like 30 minutes. Doesnt seem to be over heating. Any ideas? Maybe a stator?
  2. UpAllNight

    2015 YZ450FFW vs YZ450FFL whats the difference

    It seems your correct. Thanks ;-)
  3. Questions in the title, what is the difference between the two, FFW vs FFL? Thanks in advance
  4. UpAllNight

    SSS Forks on my 2015 CRF450

    The CRF450 forks from 09 to 12 where pretty much the same thing as the yamahas KYBs on the inside. Its straight forward swap too. Just make sure to spring them, the stock .47's are on the soft side.
  5. UpAllNight

    2009 ride height

    I would check to see what springs where installed. Also measure the forks and shock static sag, and rider/race sag. Gotta figure out if it aint overly sprung for a heavy rider and it not budging with your 200 pounds? Most people cant touch flat with both feet at the same time. These bike are designed to keep your feet and body high and out of the dirt. As long as you can get one good foot on the ground and dont have a problem coming to a stop and taking off, thats all you really need for ground touching.
  6. UpAllNight

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    Yeah it may have been only the older stuff. Not sure but the 2009 and 2010 both come with stock maps on the cd
  7. UpAllNight

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    if I remember correctly when flashing a CRF ECU for the first time its suggested (and sometimes needed) to first flash the stock tune file thats included with the CD and drivers. And then you can start flashing whatever. Maybe theres something to that first flash thats claimed to be needed. I would try reflashing that bone stock tune thats on the CD and then go back to whatever tune you use. Might not do anything but hell the test is free and easy.
  8. UpAllNight

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    Strange. I agree it is possible to be a bad or glithly cell or bank on the ecu.
  9. UpAllNight

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    I know this is a elementary question but you guys getting the random stalls have you guys tried a new plug? If so then nevermind but if not then I would give one a shot. I mention this cause I was once brought a 09 Crf450 that would die at idle on the stand and would random die on the track but otherwise always ran well. New plug and problem solved. Ive also seen sportbikes that would have one cylinder random misfire at idle and a new plug cured it. A misfire at idle on a inline four is just a misfire, a misfire around idle on a single cylinder 450 and it will stall. In most cases the plug will visually look well and will test spark well, but after swapping the results said enough. Just tossing that out there incase you guys haven't tried a plug yet.
  10. UpAllNight

    2013, a question out of interest.

    Yup they really are detuned actually. Poor spark timing and fuel map stock and very crappy exhaust as far as for performance. stock they are actually kinda slow. After a good map, and good full exhaust they are right there with everything else. They will pull as hard as anything else on the track at that point, just with a smoother delivery. Add a quick twist throttle and it fits the smoother delivery perfectly in my opinion. I enjoy the great throttle control yet being able to twist easily right into a solid thrust forward that opens my eyes every time. Remember even if at the end the other guy has 1 or 2 more overall HP, hes still gotta pull an extra 8 to 12 pounds of bike around on another brand which I could assume are worth maybe a horse? Back to your original question. I think the Honda will come short to some of the others in the areas of extreme high RPM tuning. For me the rockers of the unicam and crap would steer me away from the Honda if high RPM tuning is priority
  11. UpAllNight

    Suspension changes from 06 to 08

    One of the more significant changes I know they made was the switch to 22mm offset triple clamps in 08. Maybe thats what your feeling most?
  12. LoL. I weigh 150 pounds. I assume body weight as well as ground surface all can make difference on how low is safe.
  13. I haven't had any problems with 10 PSI but I ride in Florida on softer tracks. I do get some rim clean but that's something you should be getting and looking for. Inner tubes will have some erosion after a while from the tire flexing so new inner tubes are used every tire change or whatever. But that's where the magic happens on the geomax. Too high PSI and the tires start to deflect on bumps. When testing looking for the best PSI for the new MX32 I started high and would drop 1 psi per moto. I found it all felt the same till getting under 11 pounds, then I seen a spike in performance. Going 9 and lowering didn't get any better or any worse, it just started getting hard on the rims. So I settled on 10. Also. I use a digital gauge. Find it far more accurate and easier when checking low pressures
  14. I been using 10 PSI. Any lower and I risk rim damage. The 32 front tire is a very tacky tire, it took me a good 2 ride days to form to the extra bite it brings.
  15. UpAllNight

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    I first tried cranking the idle up on my first few days on the bike before making any real changes. It would still flameout. Times when the RPMs get lower like using a tall gear in a corner or slipping the clutch out into a taller gear could still flameout. Higher idle may have helped slightly some but for me it also sucked having a bike idling high all the time.