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  1. porter093

    any other mods??

    i herd something about a niw cam but i dont know really anything about it
  2. porter093

    any other mods??

    just by having that lightened will make that much difference?
  3. porter093

    any other mods??

    yeah i have herd of them, i didnt know they made such a big difference
  4. porter093

    Pics of my Race Bike

    thats pretty sweet
  5. porter093

    any other mods??

    hey guys, i have a 05 crf230 and i just put a pro circut t-4 exhaust on, a new air filter, and re-jetted it. I was just wondering if there were any other mods that could bump up the horsepower. I looked at the big bore kits but i herd they cause engine wear over time. any ideas??
  6. porter093

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    i have a stock crf 230 and have only gotten mine up to 62 with no grade, but i wasnt all the way maxed yet, i ran out of room