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  1. audaveh

    Oil Strainer

    Don't think I am an idiot, but after forty years of riding a two stroke this changing motor oil is new to me! I have a 2005 WR 450 F and I just performed the Engine Oil Replacement per service manual instructions. Questions: - How do you get the hose to pull off the bottom of the oil strainer? I couldn't get any leverage to pull it off, so I just backed out the strainer with the hose still attached. - I pulled the strainer out as stated in the service manual, but after that it doesn't say what to do. Am I supposed to clean it, inspect it or do you remove it just to get the last of the oil out? Is this really a needed step everytime? - Finally, do you really need to change the "plain washer" and O rings out for new ones everytime you change the oil or just inspect them and change them as needed? Please let me know and any other oil changing tips would be appreciated too! Thanks.
  2. audaveh

    Battery for WR 450

    I am sure this has been dicussed before, but I can't seem to find a thread on it. I just bought a 2005 WR450 and it needs a battery. It has a YUASA YTZ 7S in it now. It's direct replacement is expensive and the Interstate is worse $131.00 ! What are other riders using that has a reasonable cost and is still a decent battery?
  3. audaveh

    Cuba Club

    Stopped by yesterday. Good looking track, a couple dozers on site and recent tracks. It looks like an active track.
  4. audaveh

    Cuba Club

    Who knows how to join the Cuba Club? They have a dirt track near Boeing Field in Seattle. My son talked to one of the members and they said the club had a website, but we have been unable to find it. It would be nice to have a place near home for a quick ride when we don't have the time to ride Tahuya or Reiter.