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  1. chicagobikefan

    Chain slider replacement - difficult?

    The bike's chain makes this clicking noise by the front sprocket that's sounds like it's going over something metallic. It happens most of the time at all speeds. Both sprockets are in good shape, the chain only has 750 miles on it and is clean and lubed properly. I can't figure out what else it could be. Anyone have any other thoughts? I think that maybe the chain slider is worn down and the chain is touching the swingarm, but maybe I'm wrong. I just can't see what else it could be.
  2. Hey all, my '05 650L at 7,800 miles is making a metallic clicking noise by the front sprocket at all speeds and it looks like my chain slider (the one near the front sprocket) is worn pretty good. Cleaning and lubing the chain does not change the noise. The chain is new. So, I'm going to try replacing the front chain slider. The manual says "see your Honda dealer" and it doesn't specifically mention anything about its replacement in the service manual. You don't have to take off the swingarm to replace that front slider, do you? I'm assuming you only have to take off the rear wheel so you can maneuver the chain. Am I right? Thanks.
  3. chicagobikefan

    Another Teraflex question

    The difference of opinion is amazing. It's like you guys got different tires. Any pics of one on an XR?
  4. chicagobikefan

    Another Teraflex question

    I have to get new meats for my 650L; I'm going to get an MT-21 front and I think a Teraflex rear (the 150 size). I do about 50% on / 50% off road, usually gravel and dirt; not too much mud. Why do I want them? An immature answer: because they look cool. I don't mind losing the chain guard. For those of you who are actually riding the Teraflex or know someone who is, whaddaya think? Pics would be nice, too.
  5. chicagobikefan

    How do you pick a downed 650 up?

    I've always just used the handlebars, but it's not easy. News flash: Different guys have different strength levels. I don't have the power to just lean over and pick my 650L up with one hand like it's a mountain bike. I need to use both hands sometimes, depending on how it falls. (By the way, if you can bench 300 and squat 450 and you want to insert a macho man comment here about how I should eat my Wheaties, ha ha ha, do me a favor and save it.) Sometimes you have to use technique to lift the pig. Here's something I learned. Let's say it falls over on the left, and let's say you'll need both hands to lift it up. If you reach down and lift the left handlebar, the fork will turn LEFT and the front wheel will roll, resulting in the bike rolling away from you as you get it 1/3 up. Down go you and the bike in the mud. Do this: First turn the fork all the way to the RIGHT. Then when you lift the bar, the bike will not roll and will be about 20% easier to pick up. Reverse if the bike falls on the right; turn the fork to the LEFT all the way first.
  6. chicagobikefan

    XR650L Mileage

    Uncorked, about 70 miles before hitting reserve.
  7. chicagobikefan

    650L harder to shift as engine warms???

    I have 7000 miles on my '05 and it's clunky from 1st to 2nd. It can also be a little tricky finding neutral; (down - oops, 1st - up - oops, 2nd, down - oops, 1st - up, ahhhhh. neutral)
  8. chicagobikefan

    Just picked up 2001 XR650L - need ideas

    I made a video a while back of exactly what's involved in rejetting the carburetor to "uncork" it. You can get the jets from a variety of places online, I got it from www.motorcycle-superstore.com. Here's the link: XR650L carb mods
  9. chicagobikefan

    Broken back

    I hope you heal fast and amaze the doctors.
  10. When you change your oil & filter, do you also inspect the oil strainer screen? If you have, have you ever found it to be dirty? I'm asking because I forgot to do it at the last oil change and now I'm a little nervous.
  11. chicagobikefan

    XR650L fit into an Avalanche

    Anybody tried to put a dirt bike, especially an XR650L, into an Avalanche? Pics? Thanks.
  12. Ohh...so THAT'S why I sometimes see a tree down across paths in the woods. I always thought it was a recent thunderstorm or something like that. Do you mean to tell me that if you see a tree down across a path, it was probably an environmentalist? If that is the case, it is so wrong...getting out in nature to enjoy it in a respectful way is what makes people want to SAVE forests from McMansions and immense Wal-Mart parking lots.
  13. To learn about what nearly every career is like, go to http://www.bls.gov/oco -- it's the US Dept. of Labor's career info site. It isn't a job listing site, it tells you about what almost every career is like; salary, working conditions, training required, etc.
  14. I bought a Prius and love it. I agree that too many Americans buy immense gas-sucking SUVs to drive themselves to work, or to the grocery store to pick up 15 pounds of food. A smaller, sporty car is better. It's more maneuverable, easier to park, easier to wash, and saves thousands of dollars of gas a year. Whoever says that they "need" an SUV to transport their 2 kids to soccer practice is incorrect.
  15. chicagobikefan

    music while riding

    Most of the time I listen to music when I ride. Usually metal, hard rock, etc. It does make you want to go faster. I keep the volume at low-middle to middle; I can hear the engine just fine. Sometimes when I'm riding in dirt (I have a dual-sport XR650L) I turn the music off because it does distract you from hearing the engine and concentrating in general during tricky stuff.