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  1. Mcanna

    Sproket size question.

    It has right at a 4 to 1 ratio. (13 front....51 rear) and I am definately in first gear. Just need to know if a larger rear or smaller front sprocket will help, since the engine should have a higher rpm at this low speed. Do you recommend to try a smaller front or go larger in the rear, or both? Thanks again.
  2. Mcanna

    Sproket size question.

    I bought a 2002 CRF450r. I rebuilt it from the crank up. While it has great power all around and excellent throttle response. My problem is, while riding on mountain trails and slowing the bike to avoid objects, the engine really seems to lag and almost rattle. Just a crack of the throttle and it's ready to roar again. If I lower the gear ratio, will this help with the lag that I am experiencing? What should be the stock ratio, and any suggestions to a better setup for trail riding? Thanks for your support.
  3. Mcanna

    Do your SS VALVES make a ticking sound?

    One thing that I would like to bring up, since this is your first 4 stroke rebuild... The book calls for your piston to be installed with the "IN" that is stamped on top of the piston to point toward the carb. Most after market pistons only have an arrow on top of the piston. Usually the arrow needs to be pointed toward the exhaust. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be a difference in the valve cut-outs on the piston, but a closer inspection reveals one side is closer to the edge of the piston. One of my friends installed the arrow toward the carb and had a noticeable valve train noise for a week. He pulled the cover and of course all looked fine. Then a valve broke. Just be sure you had your piston turned right. Simple mistake...costly mistake.
  4. Mcanna

    Cleaning magnesium covers

    I sanded the cover with 400 grit wet/dry paper. Cleaned with brake cleaner, then painted with gold ENGINE paint from Advance Auto. Looks nice. Also did the same to the valve cover, with the same results.
  5. One major downside.....dropped parts that a person didn't realize was there.