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  1. gdawg

    2005 RFS rebuild

    I did my 07 450 xcw rebuild at 205 hours which is still less than some. I budgeted it as a do it myself job at around $750. For $800, I sent the head and carb to Dave Hopkins (rebuild and upgrades), all new plastics, drivetrain, and tires. All new wear items including top end components, wheel bearings, and shock bushings, and some other stuff. Here's the link. It all turned out well. Good luck. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/857155-top-end-rebuild-in-frame-or-remove-motor/
  2. That's pretty consistent with the problem my friend's bike was having. Furthermore, if you try to e-start, does it end up wearing down the battery usually?
  3. gdawg

    KTM 300 model history

    May I piggy back Norcal's thread here and ask, what are the big differences between an 07 300 XC vs an XC-W? I currently have an 07 450 xc-w and it's perfect for where I ride (where a 450 xc would be less than perfect). Is it a similar difference wih the 300's? I'm assuming the XC has 1 less gear, is tighter spaced, doesn't have lighting coil or plugs for plug n play lighting??? Thx for any advice. The 300 xc here in town is a smokin deal, but if it's the wrong bike for my riding style, then any price is too much. THX
  4. I tried. Initially, Ktm was taking care of people, but then too many claims came in. At that time, they said they'd only warranty the bike if it was under 15 hours. I talked to KtmUsa's custome service sometime at the beginning of 2011........who has an 08 in 2011 with under 15 hours? Oh well, we were happy to do the upgrade forunder $200.........because it worked.:thumbsup:Keep riding!
  5. gdawg

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Those 2012's look DEAD sexy!
  6. He bought it already, for $4300.
  7. Hey all, a friend has an 08 530 that had hard starting issues to the point we could only e-start it with a fully topped off battery when cold, or semi charged when warm, but never able to kick start it. We checked valves (this all started at 50 hours) and they were in spec. I did some research and found out about putting an updated cam in there since apparently the original cam auto decomp is backward, thus worthless. I bought the 2010 cam (#78636010033) at RM ATV for $195 total. The cam swap was EASY (no need for new gaskets, no breaking the timing chain, etc) and although I think KTM should be warrantying these, they're not. The bike starts up unbelievably quick now. And yes, I compared the cams, the auto decomp is exactly opposite each other. Just wanted to throw this thread out there for those of you having starting issues on your 2008 530. It really IS the fix and if you are in the market for a used one, I'd ask for proof that the update has been done, or bring them down in price just for the cam alone.
  8. Let's hope. If we don't let them know what's on our mind, then they'll think everything they're putting out is great. Pretty sure my first post was 'whine free' so any of you who agree they need to step up the quality of their content, please let them know here. Chances are they've read this, but if not, I can always forward them a link to this thread........on FB, mind you. Thx for the replies, let's help point them in a better direction!
  9. I think $4300 was a good deal for you, especially factoring in that you reside in CA. That bike would have gotten about $3500 here in AZ, so you only paid $800 for the plate........and you'll be glad you did:thumbsup:
  10. Oh, cool. Thanks for the heads up. Since you missed the point, let me put it this way: It's like when you get married, and all is awesome, then the quality of the product declines, declines, and declines. Yeah, you could just go straight for divorce (like just not reading the magazine) or you can give feedback to the significant other and see if they can turn it around. But go ahead and give up at the first sign of a challenge.
  11. Thats a shame. It was a really good magazine. I did notice KKwas gone, didn't know JL was leaving, but geez......maybe they're running out of stuff to write about. Seems, though, the industry is as alive as ever with plenty of new models and accessories to write about.
  12. So I recently got my copy ofthe Dec/2011 Dirt Rider magazine - a long time favorite of mine. As I was flipping through it, it seemed to me there was this ridiculous ratio of ads to reading material. So I did some counting. Inside cover to inside back cover = 123 pages. To be fair and lenient to the magazine, I counted any page with at least 1/2 page worth of reading material counted as a 'reading material page.' So, tie goes in favor of the mag. Whenever there was greater than half a page dedicated to an ad, it counted as an ad. Here were the results: 70 pages of ads 53 pages (actually less) of reading material. I don't think that's cool. Maybe let them know here if you agree.
  13. gdawg

    my new 500exc 2012

    I did that to my 07 and have fallen in love again:
  14. I personally like the KTM factory cd-rom manuals. Look on ebay.
  15. gdawg

    Coolant leak after rebuild

    That's what I was afraid of too, but I will definitely torque down. Thx gentlemen.