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  1. I’ll throw my $0.02 in. I’m identical in weight/height and the OP, and I just took my maiden voyage with my 350 EXC-F at the Fall trail ride at Loretta Lynn’s. My other bikes had been a CR125, YZ250F, and a short relationship with an FE350S. I’ve ridden Honda 450s and MX 2 strokes on occasions as well. I LOVE having a plated dirt bike...just got some throttle therapy in today that was unplanned and spontaneous. I’d heard the same “best of both worlds-250/450” and I was amazed time and time again how capable, fun, and confidence-inspiring the 350 is. My buddy rode a 500 EXC-F and although it is only a couple of pounds different on the scale, it was a lot to handle in the tight woods and single track. He is an excellent street rider, MSF coach, etc. but commented that it was a handful. As others have mentioned, I am curious about a 300 2 stroke. Several guys were riding them and made it seem like they were riding a mountain bike, hopping, weaving. That was my first exposure to a true off-road 2 stroke but I was incredibly impressed. One other thought: Everyone in our section of the campsite was running a Rekluse clutch. That is now upgrade #1 on my list. I can’t say enough good things about my KTM. I am even more impressed after spending time off road. It does everything I need, doesn’t feel too much but doesn’t seem underpowered. I could tell a big difference from the previous gen. frame and engine from the 2016/17 updated frame. My 350 has made riding fun again. Sorry for the ramble; hope that helps. Enjoy whichever bike you decide on. Cheers! [emoji1303]
  2. cr_rider

    2019 KTM 350 EXC-F power mods

    on my 17, I have done the "bare minimum" but I just rode about 200 miles of dual sport roads and single track/woods...bike worked awesome in each environment. JD Jetting tuner from RMATV ($209), 9/16" ball bearing from ACE Hardware ($1), drilled out "salt shaker" end piece only (free). I left everything else stock, haven't touched TPS or pulled off any smog equipment. Plugging the AIS system cut out the annoying pop on decel. Happy riding!
  3. Just recently did this, so I can help! I wanted the same improvements but also keep the stock "stealth" look and OEM spark arrestor that is further down the endcap. I spent $3 on a new drill bit and had my "salt shaker" screens out in about 5 minutes. Jeff Slavens has a good video showing all the steps, and it was spot on. Love mine, added the JD Jetting programmer instead of the Vortex, and I have no complaints. I can also recommend the 9/16" steel ball bearing in the air injector canister to cut out the popping on deceleration. Enjoy the Husky--sold my 2015 to get a 2017 KTM 350. Braaap! https://youtu.be/wEaToHfCaog (Slavens video) https://www.ktmandhusky.com/removing-emissions-for-2017 (air injection info...bearing is $0.99 at ACE Hardware)
  4. cr_rider

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I'm happy to keep paying it forward. Enjoy those SG-10s!
  5. cr_rider

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I've got one from a recent order, good for the next 30 days. 10% off if you want it. A fellow TT'er hooked me up with a code, and I would be happy to do the same. Message me if you still need it. If Pincushion doesn't need it, the next TT member who needs it for an order can have it. I've spent my fun money for awhile
  6. cr_rider

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I posted in another thread, but I could use an unused code if pimp-daddy or honda4eva have one they can spare. I'd be glad to give you mine in return when I order this weekend. Jake cr_rider
  7. Bought my first bike, a 2004 CR125, at auction. It was brand-new, never started from a dealer in OK. I had my eye on a used KTM 125 but no one bid on the Honda, so I scooped it up. I got it for less than half of MSRP and got a MSO from Honda in the mail. Keep in mind that you also will pay a buyer's premium, so I had to do the mental math to know where I was at with bidding. In my part of Tennessee, sales tax is almost 10% plus 15% buyers premium. As you can tell, that adds 25% to your final winning bid. I watched several guys bid crazy amounts for utility trailers at the same auction, then they had to kick in 25% more. It was kind of fun to go and watch, too. I didn't buy anything the first couple of times I went. It was a different experience but I came home with shiny new CR that day. On a side note, after reading the reviews and owning the CR125 for a year, I realized why the dealer couldn't sell it! Needless to say, after every kind of jetting fix, new pipe, and about a case of NGK spark plugs, I finally had enough. Sold it and made money on it, got married, and bought myself a YZ250F (my current ride). I can tell you from experience that 2004 was NOT a good year for the 125 Honda Happy bidding and happy riding. Jake cr_rider
  8. There should be a code at the bottom of your invoice from RMATV. It is usually good for 30 days and gives you 10% off. Nice deal if you can keep "rolling it over." I'm still looking for one if anyone has one. I would be happy to supply the code from my invoice which would give you 30 days to get yourself something or share with another rider on here. Braaap! Jake cr_rider
  9. cr_rider

    Goggle Recommendations

    I love my EKS Brand goggles. I have a pair of Oakley Crowbars that I now use as a back up pair because I like the EKS much better. I got mine on clearance from a local shop, but Steve Matthes over at pulpmx.com has a code to save something like 40% off when ordering directly from EKS. On a side note, my local shop in Tennessee just started carrying 100% Goggles. They look good and I would give them a try if I had not found the EKS to be so good. Good price, great lens and frame/foam. Jake cr_rider
  10. Thanks. Gave it a shot but no luck on my end. It says, "The offer code you entered is not a valid offer code." Jake cr_rider
  11. Any fellow T'Ters have another unused RMATV code? I've passed along two or three codes from them after I have ordered, but now I am in need of one. I would be happy to post my new code that comes with my order for someone else to use. Maybe we can keep "paying it forward".... Thanks, Jake
  12. cr_rider

    Bar to Bar DVD's

    Just sent an updated message to you. Both Bar to Bar DVSs (05 & 06) are available. I also have Supercross Classics 83-89 as well if anyone else wants to chime in. Slakkinhard, it's all yours for now! Braaap! Jake
  13. cr_rider

    Bar to Bar DVD's

    Just sent a reply to your DM. Thanks for the note. Jake cr_rider
  14. cr_rider

    Bar to Bar DVD's

    I know this is a little late, but I have Bar to Bar 2005 and 2006 on DVD. I'll ship both to you (lower 48 US) for $20 via Paypal. I've been thinning out my collection and have these last two dvd sets. Also have Supercross Classics DVD (83-89 I think). Let me know if you are still interested. At any rate, happy riding! Braaap! Jake
  15. I know I'm a dollar short and a day (or year) late on this, but I have Bar to Bar 2005 and 2006 (RC days...some two-stroke action) and Supercross Classics 1983-1989. If OP or anyone else is interested, send me a PM or reply here so I can get back to you. $10 shipped to you in lower 48 US. Paypal preferred. I'm cleaning out my garage and house, sold some other moto DVDs, and have these three (B to B 05, B to B 06, and SX Classics) left. Nothing beats riding yourself, but I always enjoy watching the best in the world do what I can only dream of! Jake