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  1. Had trouble locating this.....but this is a website for them
  2. Ah... c'mon the sloppier the better. Thats what seperates the Hare Scrambler from the motocrosser. We get dirty
  3. They have some pictures of yesterdays race posted off the WFO website.
  4. Way to go JD
  5. I am like you bungle; Left shoulder is all torn up from pretending I was a pinball and bouncing off of a couple of real mean tree's. Swelled knee from a couple of falls but all in all I had a blast!!!!!!! Anyone hear how the guy that got hurt yesterday is doing? or information on what happened. I just heard it was in the high speed section up front by the starting area.
  6. Sounds like good news I always like K'burg when it's rained at little , seems like the sand is a little easier to ride in. Starting to get a little excited . What time you going down Bungle? You are riding aren't you? Talked my my father yesterday an he is going to go again to watch
  7. I'll be going one way or another for the race. But if it's not at least in the high 20's I'll be a spectator. Geez you know it's darn cold just standing still outside right now. Then Adding the windchill factor created by the movement of your bike in the cold -OUCH!!!!
  8. I just might make it to the burg again too.
  9. Nah, your not the only ones. It's just a case of the lights are on but nobodies home syndrom
  10. They showed me how to properly polish my balls. (he said balls hahah)Seems I was doing it all wrong. Also come(not CUm) to find out, Bungle used to give live seminars at the tournament for Brunswick on Ball polishing. If I just would have listen to him. But I didn't realize he was such an undisputed authority in this field. Makes me wonder what other talents he has that he has not shared with us.
  11. Sorry, didn't get to attend the HS in Moline today guys. I had a higher priority event occurr. So how'd the gang do ? Bungle ww2 baja UW How'd Chris Garrels do? Was the track good? Need the details
  12. I tried that stuff and had to send it back for a refund It gave only a semi-satin finish, not the High gloss as advertised.
  13. WFO (East Moline) for me - I don't want to contribute my race budget all to gas to get to the race.
  14. Sorry, wife has to work this weekend. So I'll be performing my Fatherly duties of watch the chitlings.
  15. I take it, the entrance to the cave has been made more accesible through use of frequent spellunking.