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  1. goneyellow

    The Phase4 Thread

    I see that there is a KTM setup on daves site. Any news?
  2. land of the free my ass. we have MORE regulations and freedoms removed from us then most ALL euro countries. I feel bad for the kid but it was not the track, the owner of the track, the bike manufacturer, his mother, or ME that made him do it. Where is the integrity in this. You tell me that we are not an uptight, ass puckered society and you have your eyes closed.
  3. goneyellow

    Suzuki axed the RM 250

    Believe it when it comes from Suzuki. I am holdin out that it will be built. Optimist
  4. goneyellow

    Please identify my forks

    If your bike is an 03 RM that would make sense.
  5. goneyellow

    2003 Rm250

    The 03 is a good bike. Forks are not the best but can be made to work. The 250 had KYB forks that year. The 03 is the first year for the newest engine design and it is a rocket. It has big mid and a very big top end. I use to ride with someone that had a KTM 450 4t and he had nothing on this bike. I could stay with him on any fast section where it is all motor and smile my way through the woods. The bike has an ok bottom end. It is a very good HS bike and you can do enduros with it. If you get it dont gear it down or it will be to nervous and jumpy for the woods. You will need to rejet for the woods if you ride there. Good bike. Around $2000. in Ga.
  6. goneyellow

    I need a tractor

    Sounds like you have been around the patch a few times Phil. That is why you do not see many of these companies publishing dyno charts, as the gains are not worth the money. They are on the pro bikes because Suzuki makes MONEY for putting it on (pipes. reeds, tires. etc) with the stickers. I agree the stock pipe is an excellent pipe for the RM. It is paper thin though and dents if you look at it wrong. Good advice here.
  7. goneyellow

    Durhamtown Plantation or Highland Park?

    You can take pics with no issue.
  8. goneyellow

    Suzuki 2 strokes in 09

    Don’t know bout that one but it is a good point. What would be improved? I don’t think I would change the frame...I mean the bike turns like a cat on a carpet AND goes through the woops like a wild thing. There aint no more then that. Showa twins?????? Oh ya, A good clutch basket and a hydro clutch. From what I here the fuel injected 450 is like a 250 2t anyway.
  9. goneyellow

    I think I change my oil too much....

    Use to be we would say that changing oil was cheep insurance but not any more. You need to develop your tactile skills. I mean start to feel the oil between your fingers and you will be able to tell when the oil begins to loose its viscosity. You will be able to see it look runny and filled with debris from the clutch too. For me it depends on the riding. If I am racing I change it before every race and leave it in for a practice. If I an goofin around I leave it in for a few rides. It does depend on how you use the clutch mostly. The oil gets dirty from clutch ware more then it brakes down.
  10. I am not perfect with my metric conversions but you are looking at about 11/16 if an inch. I would stick something in there and see if it bottomed out and if not install it and tune it over slow before starting it.
  11. goneyellow

    I need a tractor

    Well, very bad advice would be to have someone go down to a 12 tooth front sprocket when they are saying that they have problems keeping the front wheel on the ground. That is the exact opposite direction that this man should go in. Going one size smaller on the rear sprocket is the hot setup for the RM. It gives the bike a 75 mph top speed (needed in off road) and it smoothes the power delivery some without adding a weight. It also makes the bike pull longer in each gear. The worst thing about the RM in the woods is the close ratio trans and the smaller rear sprocket goes a long way in helping this out. Need to use the clutch effectively though. I have had 3 late model RMs and still have a 03 and a 06. I have put on Moto Tsunami reeds in 2 of them and a Gnarly on the 03 and the difference is not worth the money. If you find a dyno sheet you will see there in not enough of a gain to warrant $500.o in spending here. Yes if your pipe gets bashed get a Gnarly it is the stoutest pipe out there. When my 06 pipe gets bashed I am going to replace it with a Fatty pipe not a Gnarly because it does not have the top end of a lot of bikes and has a big enough bottom end already. When you are running with 450 4Ts this bike needs help up top. And when your reeds are clapped out get the reeds but to replace parts that are in perfect working order is bad advice. The gains are not significant enough. There are better gains to be had for off road by adjusting timing, power valve and jetting. Spending the money on suspension and tires would be a way better thing to do. The $500.o this man would save on a Gnarly and reeds he can purchase a clutch basket…witch is something he will need in time.
  12. goneyellow

    I need a tractor

    Keep an eye out for bad advice. If you read the Suz 2t forum here you will see some good stuff and some poor advice. The 06 RM is excellent out of the box., and by excellent I mean outstanding. It is truly evolved by Suz to a very high level. You can change pipes and stuff but the bike will suffer somewhere else. Don’t take this the wrong way but the best thing you can do is to alter your riding style. Go for the jetting but use the clutch for traction and power delivery.
  13. goneyellow

    RM 250 2 stroke...what year?

    So how do you like the bike?
  14. goneyellow

    Ttr125 Tall Seat Foam

    You can add to a seat pretty easy. If you go to an upholstery shop you can get some foam they use for ?? dining room seats or the like and contact cement it on top of the foam that you have. The hardest part is to staple the seat cover back on.
  15. goneyellow

    The Phase4 Thread

    Is everyone using the same stacks reguardless?