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  1. wronskain

    '05 CRF 250R for $3500 is this a good price?????

    I also vote for too much. Just bought a '07 w/ full FMF titanium exhaust for $3700. And that's CA prices. Nobody is buying bikes right now because of the poor economy. It's definitely a buyer's market right now.
  2. wronskain

    funny jump vid

    Kinda funny thinking about the guy with the $8000+ MXer and $1000 worth of gear that won't sack up for the double at the local track and this guy is hitting that cobbled together FMX ramp with that dual-shock steel battle tank. Shoot he doesn't even have a cross bar pad! If only you could bottle that guy's determination and heart and sell it....
  3. wronskain

    Too heavy for a 125???

    I'm 6ft/190lbs and have way more fun on my 125 than my 450. It's plenty competitive in the vet beginner class. Beginners do not ride any bike (125, 250F, 450) anywhere near their potential. Would I be faster on a 250F? Yes. Is my 125 uncompetitive in the beginner class? No. Yes, the thumpers have you out powered, but you can still get them with corner speed, on the brakes, and WFO through the whoops!
  4. wronskain

    older kx125

    Sweet, that's an '89. I used to have an '88 and wished I had a bike like the one ^^ up there.
  5. wronskain

    7.3 Diesels

    Just drove a 200 mile round trip on the freeway @ 70mph (2000rpm). Truck is a 2002 F-350 crew cab long bed 2WD w/ a 6" lift. I got 18.4 MPG. Average is about 15-16 around town.
  6. wronskain

    Hollister Ride

    Hey I just went to Hollister a few weeks ago for my very first trail ride. I usually only hit tracks but went with some trail buddies. They had a trail there that was a pain in the butt. I think it was Troll Place or something? Anyway Hollister was pretty fun, thanks for the pics - it's still fresh in my mind.
  7. wronskain

    Am I an ASS

    When buying a 4-stroke I assume that it needs valves and figure that into the price. I wouldn't have been pissed, I assume the worst as a buyer.
  8. When looking at the preview thumbnail or intro of a video clip you can tell how funny it's going to be by the following checklist. Likely funniness increases with each of the following: * They are on a farm quad * No gear * No shirt * More than one person on the quad * Wearing flip-flops * They are in a non-riding environment (i.e, park, orchard, backyard) * They look over the bike to check where all the controls are * There is a group of people in street clothes standing around watching * Any type of cobbled-together ramp For example, you just know the following are gonna be some funny stuff: Anything I missed?
  9. Why are you limited to a single cab if you get the long bed? I recently purchased a long bed and I absolutely love it. However, if I were forced to choose between a longbed and extra room in the cab, I'd go with the cab room for sure.
  10. wronskain

    Truck bed... How many bikes?

    You can easily get 3 bikes in that bad boy. I got a CRF450, XR200 and an XR70 in my S-10. In my F-350 longbed I got 3 full sized bikes, a KX65, and an XR70 in there. And closed the tailgate!
  11. wronskain

    Irresponsible parent?

    Uncanny timing for this subject! I share the same feeling that while riding has it's danger, the good by far outweighs the bad for reasons listed above. I questioned this just a few weeks ago when my 10 year old son suffered a horrendous crash while riding. He did one too many laps and lost control, then shot off of a 30ft cliff with a river at the bottom. Seeing him being pulled up the cliff with a neck collar and strapped to a backboard was the worst moment of my life. After a night at the hospital, he escaped with only a broken wrist. Needless to say I was feeling an incredible amount of guilt. I'm the one that introduced him to motocross and I'm the one that showed him how to jump, and I'm the one that showed him the tricks of the trade to go faster (clutching out of turns, etc). I left the track with him in the ambulance, and left his bike in the river not ever wanting to see it again. I've always thought that he was relatively safe because he never rode over his head. I've now had first hand experience seeing that freak accidents can occur. After much thought (and thanks to the track owner who pulled his bike out of the river), I'm going to fix it and let him continue on. He has a passion riding/racing, and it's allowed us to spend quality time together. I guess my point is that everyone's opinion of an irresponsible parent differs. I've went from an advocate of letting kids ride dirtbikes, then to question whether this was an acceptable risk, then concluding that it is worth every minute. I do have a video of what happened. The crash happens off camera, but it shows the track, the cliff, and my son the day after. If anyone wants to see it, let me know.
  12. From TWMX's website today: http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/features/article/0,13190,1583248,00.html I'm sooo looking forward to this!!! I'll be trackside enjoying that sound for one last time....
  13. wronskain

    "They're gonna beat our ass dude"

    I think he could have easily made that turn. He panicked.
  14. I like how the camera man backed up when he scrubbed that jump. You can tell what he was thinking - "HOLY ****!"
  15. wronskain

    My son's MX Video

    Great video, you must be a proud dad!