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  1. yeah exactly the same i hate this thing and would never use it
  2. yeah im not happy with it im sending it back
  3. thanks i will this pos is going back tomorrow
  4. whites not hard to match these acerbis fenders are far from white
  5. I got a white supermoto front fender delivered today but its an off whitr color and it doesnt match,anyone else had this problem thanks
  6. Put on Zeta levers,chain guard,front brake hose clamp and rear brake clevis.put on edge taillight,stripped engine and built bottom end with stroker crank,just waiting for spacer now from eddie
  7. I think hes bought a husky he lives in B.C and still comes on T.T
  8. Q.M.P ....Quality milled products
  9. True he has done a good job of making them,but dont tell me you like the diamond plate all over the bike
  10. It looks cheap and nasty ,i wouldnt let anybody see me out with that shit on my bike
  11. yeah and its all shit:thumbsup:
  12. Heres my 06 Megacab with hemi ,6 inch superlift on 35 mickey thompsons
  13. Just get a new rubber piece ordered lots of 2 strokes leak oil at the same place when the rubber gets a bit worn or slightly damaged
  14. Hey i know you did man im only messing with you:p dont drag race though too many turns lol