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  1. Gixxer im up in quesnel . Ive rode the bike up my road and holy this thing rips! way better than my old peice of XR
  2. anything i should know about this bike before i go pick up this bike? HOws the powerband all low end or smooth all the way??? ???
  3. oops Sorry guys the bike is a 2004 kx 250 thanx for the input everyone
  4. Anybody know how many hours before you replace the topp end in this bike?My bike has about 100 hours on it and i need to know if thats too much. What type of piston do you guys prefer? thanks.
  5. Come on guys I need some info on this bike like how the power rolls on and if it would make a good woods bike!!!~! This weekend i have a chance to buy it and i need some info this is also my first post on the forum so help a guy out
  6. What kind of gas tank do you have on that thing? Im going to be using this bike for mostly woods ang gravel pit tyoe riding and i need a larger tank. What would be best a Clarke or an ims
  7. ive recently come upon a 04 kx 250 and was just wondering how these bikes are susspension and power wise. the guy is also selling it for $4000 canadian and it looks like it is in good shape is this a good deal?