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  1. NorCal-dude

    2008 ttr 125 tall seat Who has it?

    Thanks for the link! I found the goods and got it comming!
  2. NorCal-dude

    2008 ttr 125 tall seat Who has it?

    BBr does not list a 2008....
  3. NorCal-dude

    2008 ttr 125 tall seat Who has it?

    I have looked all over the net and cannot find anyone who offers one. Tall seat foam, complete seat, anything. Thanx for any help!
  4. NorCal-dude

    250 vs 300

    I recently bought an 2008 xc-w(e). I was torn between to 250 and 300 like so many others. I weigh 210lbs, and so far this bike has plenty of power. I think alot of people get to caught up on the whole power and size thing. Gearing is important as well. I switched the rear sproket out right away from a 50 to a 52. The bike will chug me right up anything.....I opted for the 250 over the 300 not because of the Over-all-weight of the bike, but the hevier feel of a bigger cylinder( more mass of the motor) working agianst the handeling and feel! This is why the 200 feels so light! I have owned all three by the way, and for me the 250 properly geared can do it all, and handle well!
  5. NorCal-dude

    Exhaust help...Yoshi VS. Pro circuit t4??Z400

    Thanx all!
  6. I recently bought an 04 Z400. I want to get a slip on pipe. The bike is BONE stock! Anybody have these pipes, and what jetting specs?? I am sea level. Thanx in advance.
  7. NorCal-dude

    KTM durability!! LOL

    Had a Honda 2002 CRF 450 Until I had to do valve replacments every 5 hours.And then I got a 2005 CRF 250 It was good for about 6 mo,Until again the hole vavle thing started. Now I ride a 2006 ktm 200 xc w over 1000 mi and over 50 hours it still like new, no sign of a rebuild in sight.
  8. NorCal-dude

    Need carb help!

    I am working on an 05 ttr 125l. Bike runs with choke on, turn off choke and it will not idle. With the choke off you have to give it gas to keep running. Of course I have done the obvious by trying the idle adjustment, nothing! Any ideas out there??
  9. NorCal-dude

    low end

    I agree on the jetting tune-up. Without loosing top end speed with gearing, go for some flywheel weight. Really helped mine out. Will cost around $100.00.
  10. NorCal-dude

    where to buy 40-42 leak jet?

    Sweeet! Thanx for the part #. My dealer did not know what a leak jet was. Nor did the other two in town! My jd kit did not have a leak jet.
  11. I just installed a 10oz flywheel weight on my 06 last week! I went with the Zip Ty racing weight. They have a package that comes with the fly wheel wrench as well about $140., I feel a must to do the job simply, and easily. Nice to have the proper tools to switch back if need be. You will also want to get a fly wheel puller, about $20. they will sell you that too. Instruction were clear, pics were good, was easy for my first time. I would do one mod at a time. The flywheel will smooth out the violent hit of power some. www.ziptyracing.com, good luck
  12. I checked magic racing, smallest is a 50. JD only has a kit and does not tell you what sizes comes with it! I found nothing in tt store either. Thanx all..
  13. NorCal-dude

    skid plates for 06 250f

    I am running carbon fiber works. I don't like the way it does not cover both frame rails underneath! Covers one side good, not the other. Frame guards are not real exciting either. I would get light speeds if I had to do it over!
  14. NorCal-dude

    Modifying an 06 yz250f

    I am new here too. I purchased an 06 250f. We are the same size and weight..Throw the stock bars right in the trash. I went to kx high bend. Waste no time ordering a jd jet kit, and smaller size leak jet! Throttle response is the pits! I really like the feel of the heavier fly wheel weight, 10oz!Smoothed things out! Good luck Shawn...