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    Guitar & worship music, hiking with my wife & enjoying lightning storms.
  1. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Todd. Jim, Bob and Chris, I'm glad I got to ride with you all and have the pleasure of showing you some of the trails out my back door. It was a great day. No injuries or broken bikes (other than the Husaberg seat). Hope you all enjoyed the beauty. I really appreciated your great attitudes, and good riding skills. This made the day even more pleasant. I look forward to riding with you all again, and hope that when the occasion arises, I will be able to do so. I wish I could match each one of your TT names with you. Post here if you can. Regards, Lightning7 (Kevin)
  2. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Mr. Dirt. Even though I have an XR (which I think is a good all around bike), I do agree with you on the KDX. It has always been a great bike. Back in 1987, my best riding buddy at the time (in CA) and I, bought two brand new ones. That bike was one of the best bikes I have ever owned, and I don't think that I have ever had anymore fun on a bike than that one. That bike you have will be a perfect bike for this location. Hope to see you there. Lightning.
  3. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Also, this area usually has horses and hikers, so you will need to be on the lookout. The trails here are multi-purpose and motorcycles are legal, but I know that the hikers and horse people would like to shut us down, so when I come upon one of them, I stop to the side and say hello to them and be really nice. That usually blows them away, because they are not use to M/C riders being friendly. This is how we will keep these areas open for years to come. Hope to see you all there on the 24th.
  4. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Directions to the Boulders would be: north on Hwy 87 to Payson, right/east on Hwy 260 toward Show Low. Just after you turn on the 260, you will see the shopping center on the right, then just after you pass Safeway turn right on that street which is Granite Dells road (there is a signal there). Take it all the way back till you come to the concrete barriers, you will have to park there in the small area on the left.
  5. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Actually, it is a 1996, but has a 1998 motor. I'm glad I cleared that up.
  6. Lightning7

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    Hey buddy, two things. First off, a "C" rider is the entry level class in Enduro racing, and if you were talking about me with the XR 400, it's a 1996, even though a 2008 would be nice, and yes, it is heavy. Also as we talked about today, keep me posted on the date of the next ride and I will do my best to join in the fun, at least for a little bit. Later, Lightning
  7. Lightning7

    2009 CRF250X Gas Tank

    Mr. RSD, I would like to personally welcome you to the Thumper Talk family. I'm sure these good folks will hook you up the the right answer to your question. Have a blessed day. Lightning7
  8. Lightning7

    99' CR 125 Carb Jets

    I'm helping a friend go through his carb. We live and ride at 5,000 feet elevation. Does anyone know what jets he should have, needle clip setting and air screw setting. It runs perfect when on the pipe, but low and mid-range is dead. Thanks, Lightning.
  9. Lightning7

    WR 250F Kick Start Lever

    Thanks guys for the quick resonse. I will pass on the information.
  10. Lightning7

    WR 250F Kick Start Lever

    A good friend of mine wants to buy a 2002 WR 250F or later. It seems like the aluminum kick start levers are weak. Just yesterday we test rode one for sale and he snapped the lever in half. I'm told that this replacement part is $237.00. Wow! Is there an aftermarket one out there or any alternatives, fixes, etc.? Thanks for your insight. Lightning.
  11. Lightning7

    tubliss in a 4hundee

    How about the Bib-Moose inserts. Has anyone had experience with those?
  12. Lightning7

    Squeaking noise when kickstarting

    Like "42" said, you need to find out what area the noise is coming from. A good way to do this is to have someone kick it over while you hold a piece of rubber tube, gas line, etc., one end to your ear, and the other end to various parts of the bike. You will hear it clearly.
  13. Lightning7

    Street Legal 1998 CR 125

    Thank you "Old-Timer" for the info. Beautiful machines by the way.
  14. How much better is it and in what areas?
  15. And the answer to the question "how does it compare to the Mikuni" is.........?