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  1. Pbar

    Top speed loss with Edelbrock?

    Nothing beats the old fashion method of the spark plug check.
  2. Pbar

    Edelbrock Needle ????

    Found the 19E was to rich , going back to the 17E
  3. Pbar

    Edelbrock Carb Question

    sounds like you don't have the bottom end dialed in right. to rich
  4. Pbar

    Jetting Probs

    You need to run the bike wide open than shut it right down, then look at your plug, get the top end fixed first before doing anything with the bottom end. The porcelin part of the plug should be a light brown, I think some guys like to run them leaner for the HP gain. Good luck
  5. Pbar

    Edelbrock Needle ????

    My XRL 250 is stock other than the header/exhaust and the edlebrock. I started with the stock one and now installing a 19E ,I bought a 21E also . Good luck
  6. Pbar

    air\fuel mixture screw help

    Not to get off the subject, how does it run wuth just 3 disc in the muff ?? Don
  7. I am looking for someone who can rebuild this carb , new pump assembly ect and rejet for up graded exhaust system. The rebuild kit from Honda was a joke. 92 XRL 250 pumper carb Don