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  1. During a visit to my local suspension tuner to have some handling issues fixed, I was surprised when they told me that my rear shock was low on gas . The bike is an 04 wr250f that i have had from new. Apart from a new rear spring being fitted (to suit my weight), and a rear linkage re-grease the rear shock has not been touched. Has anyone else had any similar experience with this, and what could have caused the gas to leak out.By the way the bike now handles great.
  2. grell

    05 WR250f vs 06 WR250f

    At just $5300 for a 06 model I would have three of them. Down under we can't take one home for anything less than $11000. The good old aussie dollar is a bit of a dud these days.
  3. The standard air filter on my 04 wr250f is falling apart. What are you guys running as replacements?.If you get more air flow from a replacement filter do you have to re-jet to suit?.I ride in very dusty conditions most of the time and clean the filter after every ride. Also do you grease the mating face of the filter to the air box. Cheers grell
  4. grell

    Front suspension setup WR250F

    Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. I only replaced the springs because it was bottoming out all the time .The suspension tuner I used did a valve mod to the compression valve body , which I think may be the problem. From what he has told me it entails machining the valve body to enable more shims to be used , which has made mine ride higher in the stroke similar to you're problem. I had the gold valves done after the springs and was assured this would fix the problem. It improved the initial part of the stroke making it more compliant but did nothing for the deflection and steering. My workshop manual says that the standard springs have no I.D mark (slits) on them where the soft or hard springs have marks on them. If you need a standard set of springs you could try mine. Cheers grell
  5. grell

    Aussie WR250F Questions

    G'day Mate, I don't think the Grey wire is applicable to Aussie models but the throttle stop definitely is ( with my 04 model). It came in the competition spares kit with my bike . The kit also included other non ADR items such as, a push button on/off switch, trip counter, non stop light banjo bolt for the front brake etc. Since I purchased my bike new I asked the dealer to set mine up for competition use , and he fitted the items prior to delivery. As far as the oil is concerned , definitely use the 5100 semi synthetic. I change it every 250km and use paper filters . Ballards mail order (0247311210) will have the oil filters as well as heaps of other cool stuff for any dirt bike on the planet . Their prices are very competitive and you get next day delivery anywhere in aus. if you place your phone order before 10am. Cheers grell
  6. The short ones work great. Just make sure that you clean them out after any muddy ride so that the dried mud does'nt scratch your'e sliders.
  7. grell

    valve noises

    Check the valves for sure . They don't normally make noise when they are tight so it may pay to check the timing chain while you're in their. I have an 04 WR250f with similar mileage and have only had one very slight valve adjustment to the center intake valve . Our fuel in Australia is pretty poor quality so I use Motorex Valve Guard , which is a lead replacement substitute that cushions the inlet valves.This stuff is GREAT . Cheers; grell
  8. grell

    05 WR 250 F Break In Questions

    When I purchased my new 04wr250f from the local dealer and asked him about running in the bike his answer was this."I've been to Yamaha's production line in Japan and witnessed each engine after assembly being revved to the limiter and flogged through each gear on a test bench before being put into the frame. If it aint run in now it aint ever going to be.So there's no need to baby it to much". This guy is the largest regional dealer in Australia.
  9. grell

    Front tire choice

    I found the Dunlop 756 excellent for softer conditions but downright dangerous in when the conditions become hard and rocky. For these hard packed conditions I have found the Kenda Carlsbads very good. Cheers, grell
  10. Thanks mate I feel better now.
  11. I put my bike on the stand today to regrease the swingarm pivot and when i spun the rear wheel around i heard what seems to be balls of rubber rattling inside in the tube. I am running Bridgestone ultra heavy duty tubes . Any ideas or are the rocks in my head,
  12. grell

    What Kenda Tires Have You Used?

    I have been riding my wr250f on a Kenda Carlsbad for the past 600 km and could not be happier with its performance. Riding on mainly hard packed ground and having it setup in the intermediate direction the wear rate has been very good. It still has about 50% tread left on it.I'm not sure what you mean about the tubes but because of the amount of rocks in the area that i ride in (down under ) i run Bridgestone extra heavy duty tubes at 15psi and have never had a flat.Freinds of mine also use the Kenda rears on their big bore thumpers and report excellent hook up and wear rates. Hope this is of some help cheers, grell
  13. I am having problems with the suspenion setup on my 04wr250f . The problem began after i had the springs replaced to suit my weight (189lb/90kg).I had a local suspension tuner fit racetech 0.44 fork springs with gold valves and 5.0 shock spring.Since then i have major deflection issues over small to medium rocks and tree roots and the steering does not track as it did with the standard springs.I have set the clickers at 1 or 2 clicks softer than standard on compression and 1 or 2 clicks harder on rebound . This seems to be the best that i can get but is still not great . I ride mainly on hard packed rocky ground and use a dunlop 756 tire.I have checked the front axle alignment and am running the forks up through the triple clamps by 10mm.Any sugestions cheers grell
  14. I am having trouble dialling in the front shocks on my 04wr250f.The problem began after i had the fork and shock resprung to suit my weight (90kg/198lb).I had a local suspension tuner fit Racetech .44 fork springs and gold valves and a 5.0 shock spring . My clicker settings are set at standard .Since then the front end feels very twitchy and i am getting a lot of deflection off rocks and tree roots. My front tyre is a dunlop 756 . The bike is not steering as precisely as it was before the modification. I mainly ride in rocky terrain. My shocks are set 10mm up through the triple clamps.