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  1. If you are thinking of a new bike, you really need to test ride at least last years model to make an objective choice. For what it's worth, when considering KTM, you get what you pay for. Although I did choke a little on the msrp's for 06.
  2. I ordered mine from unibiker direct. drzsm '06 (gold anodized) $118.00 landed in Hawaii.
  3. What he did say was there was hardly any noticeable difference between the different stage I and Stage II intake and exhaust combination. As far as the decomp on the stage II, I didn't ask since I wasn't interested in speculation.
  4. Uniguards are structurally sound and an easy install. 30 mins. if you're in a hurry or 1 hour if you are enjoying every minute of working on your machine.
  5. I was facing the same dilemma until I spoke to HC customer service rep. He was very helpful, answering all my questions very patiently. I had the same philosophy as you, ie. "big bore in the future". After discussing my riding style, and my desire for more low and mid range power now and with stage II giving more mid and top end power, I decided on stage I. Remember these differences are subtle, but subtle differences are noticeable to a sensitive hand. When I do the big bore and head work with heavier valve springs, then I will change the intake to stage II. By then they may have a stage II exhaust cam with decomp.
  6. After being listed on Ebay for six days now....there is a grand total of ZERO BIDS, ZIP, NADA!!!! I rest my case.
  7. Ugly? I've always thought baby elephants were on the cute side.
  8. Excellent job of helpful tips and pics. This will further aid many future installers. Again, well done.
  9. Kientech has a pretty straightforward picture.
  10. Bag it before it's gone. You'll be glad you did. You'll love riding in Hawaii.
  11. Thanks Nate. Is it my understanding that bolting this on an '06 sm is as I've read. That the rear passenger peg should be used as a mounting point? I also checked price at parts411 for that PN but I'm not sure if it's the TRS or TRC ($677.27) the picture shows a TRS unit. I'll give them a call unless someone know better. John
  12. HIHORSE could you do me a favor and take a look at the Yoshimura website and do a search with this part number D477TFP-SA and tell me if this is what your system looks like. Mahalo John
  13. I also viewed Japanese system while looking for cam specs on Yosh Japanese. There system is called Titanium Tri - Cone. I wouldn't imagine it's not for export, but if you go to the American Yosh and do a search with this PN D477FP-SA, you'll see something very close. This is the TRC Pro Titanium Full System (DRZ/KLX400 00-05 TRC PRO F/S TI/TI). The TRC now superceeds the TRS ti we all know and love.
  14. Doug, what is the problem with Scotts stabalizer tripleclamp combo? It looks like it part of there inventory or are you talking about something else? John
  15. Sign me up, I'll buy one.