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  1. The Klausage

    What motor

    05 to 07 should drop right in.
  2. The Klausage

    Bike age

    Post a picture off the left side of the motor, it will be enough to tell whether or is 2008 or newer at least.
  3. The Klausage

    Engine fitment from 09 to 2011?

    I just listed one on eBay last night. Have a look. http://r.ebay.com/GqwLoD
  4. The Klausage

    Engine cases or engine needed 07 RMZ 450

    I don't know if it's possible but I have an 08 motor I'd let go for cheap.
  5. The Klausage

    What's A Motor Worth?

    PM Sent
  6. The Klausage

    Bike Looking Awesome !

    Sick! The wheels alone look amazing.
  7. The Klausage

    What's A Motor Worth?

    Hmmm think I might hold out for a little bit more
  8. The Klausage

    What's A Motor Worth?

    *Bump* Motor for sale if anyone is looking.
  9. The Klausage

    Rmz 450 2008 replace engine to a 2009?

    There is a noticeable difference in the right engine case around the kickstarter. There was a good discussion on this on here already with pics. I don't have the pics myself, but if you search this forum you should find them.
  10. The Klausage

    07 RMZ 450 noise in top end?

    t would only tell you something if the valve clearances were tight enough to hold one of the valves open, not if they were loose. And that wouldn't guarantee its the valves at that. Also the can chain tensioners on those bikes were not automatic and caused a lot if noise if not adjusted regularly. Its a tough call without being able to go through the bike in person. It could be simple or it could be major. What do you think you could sell it for once fixed? In my opinion the possibility of having to sink at least $1000 into it if its anything more than basic adjustments would make it a no.
  11. The Klausage

    07 RMZ 450 noise in top end?

    It could be as simple as needing valve adjustment. But pretty risky to assume its just that. A rebuild is probably within the price you said. Less if its just the top end.
  12. The Klausage

    What's A Motor Worth?

    What do you think I guy could get for a 2008 motor with the updated cases that has just under 90 hours on it. No issues, runs strong, always kept up with air filter and oil changes.
  13. The Klausage

    2013 RMZ-450 lets see your pics

    Looks like its just a bolt from the steel frame of the crate they are shipped in. Its not from the bike itself. Nice ride man! I can't wait to try a 2013 out this year.
  14. The Klausage

    RMZ 2009 fuel maping

    Nope, 08 and 09 the only option is to buy a power commander or other add-on controller.
  15. The Klausage

    Filter cage screen

    All that wire mesh in the cage probably blocks off 25-30% of the free area. Just like a dirty air filter or a spark arrester adds pressure drop to the system and causes a decrease in power. Removing the screen removes that additional pressure drop through the intake side of your motor allowing more air in. More air means a leaner fuel/air mixture which doesn’t necessarily mean more power instantly, but it does make it possible to gain more power if you can deliver more fuel to the motor to provide the ideal ratio (remapping). I should have stated that in my case I have a 2008 which came mapped overly rich stock, so just removing the wire mesh helped lean the bike out and create a noticeable power increase. What I wasn’t sure about was whether or not the TwinAir Backfire filters were really needed once the screen was removed or not, but I thought better safe than sorry.