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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1UlEQtdUGc&feature=related
  2. Does anyone have this chest protector with their name and number on the back. I am considering this chest protector, but looking at pics I dont see how any decals would fit with all the slits and holes for ventilation.
  3. I dont think anyone had any problems with the fuel injectection on the kawi quad the first year (08)
  4. I dont want duals, I was just wondering if everything would fit. I have seen duals on a 450 and I didnt think they looked good because it wasnt symetrical. With the 250 side panels I think duals would actually look sweet.
  5. After reading theDogger's sticky and looking through the service manual, revalving your own suspension seems like it is worth a try if you have the time, which I do. I feel confident that I can do all of the work, but I dont know the proper valve stacks. I have asked suspension companies and they are happy to give spring rates, but they guard the valving.
  6. Do you guys order online in bulk? Do they stock it at all Shell gas stations?
  7. I am not thinking about doing it, just wanted to know. But if someone put the 250 airbox, subframe, seat, and sidepanels, will the duals work? Will the 250 airbox fit the 450?
  8. with the new ama rule i am considering a 250 2stroke along with a 250f. I have a 450 which i like and plan to keep. I ride and race mx on weekends and ride trails weekdays. I think a smaller bike will be good for most of the trails I do, but I still want to take this bike to the track. I have not ridden a 250f or a 2-stroke other than a kx80. I'm a big guy at 6'3" 195.
  9. I'm going to pick up another bike once all of the 09's come out. I have always had hondas but I may switch this year. The thing I like about my honda is the attention to detail. I have never ridden a suzuki, only sat on one at the dealer. How is the attention to detail and reliability, ect.
  10. I have been looking around trying to find a new leftover 05-07 cr250. I cant find anything. Do you guys know any dealer with one? Preferably midwest but if the price right I will go pick it up.
  11. The bike looked like it was in good condition, I never tried starting it though
  12. I posted it in general
  13. Everything went smoothly. I called the police and they sent a guy over and we walked out to the bike. He asked me a few questions about how I found it, I told him the truth, which works. He called in the VIN and it took about 5 mins of us waiting for them to call him back and it turns out the bike was reported stolen about 3 weeks ago. We took the bike back to my house, the cop called in a flatbed and that was it. He didnt take any of my information, we just shook hands and that was it.
  14. What about the shock?
  15. So are you saying with little modifications I can move it to any of the newer jap bikes?