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  1. What did you replace the 350 with?
  2. Where is the best place to buy Ohlins fork/shock combo and why? I thought I read that all Ohlins are set up the same no matter who you buy from, is this true Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I've got one as well. Just came off a YZ 450 and the first thing I noticed was how well this bike corners. I had Factory Connection revalve and install their BCV cup kit and am pleased with the suspension action. I put the FMF 4.1 megabomb complete system and went to a 51 tooth rear sprocket, these two changes really woke the bike up. The stock muffler is ridiculous and imo, a must be replaced item. I'm a strictly moto guy and race the plus 25, plus 30 and plus 35 classes.
  4. My hunch is that the shock is not getting deep enough into the travel ( too stiff), which would cause the side to side to side bidness you're experiencing.
  5. Put the right shock spring on it and start over. Sag should be between 105 to 110.
  6. The ad for your RM says it's sold, is it or do you still have it?
  7. Bad ass! Can put it where ever I want when I want. Have a Pro Circuit exhaust and gearing on the way which should really top it off. I felt the exhaust was choking it up and that it could use an extra tooth on the rear. I drank the koolaid, rode a KTM 350 SXF for a few months and just had to get back on a 450. The 350 was fun, but it ain't a RMZ 450.
  8. 2012 here and love it, motor is perfect for motorcross. Ride the bike 2x a week for the last month and have had no problems.
  9. The 12 does run better than the 11, that is for sure. Mine rips!
  10. I had an Akrapovic on mine and thought it was damn good. looks good too.
  11. Depends on what you consider lots of weight. I think switching to a Turn Tech is only worth maybe 2lbs at most. Do a battery and full Ti exhaust, now you're talking weight savings.
  12. What happens after you peak?
  13. You're high. Short is at his peak,no matter whether it be on a 450 or the 350. The other guys he was beating last year are just getting faster. It cracks me up how people think just because a rider ran where they did last year means they'll do the same the following. New riders come in, younger riders mature a bit and older riders peak out.