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    C class thoughts

    There are a lot of "sandbaggers" in the B class also. This has been a very frustrating subject for me too and I'd like to know if others agree with me. Whether you're advanced depends on a lot of factors: your district, the number of riders in the district, the number of "skilled" riders in your district, etc. A top "B" or "C" rider in one district may find himself at the bottom of the pack in another district. Each district should be using the AMA National Advancement System to advance riders according to their RPV (Rider Performance Value). This seems like a fair system, but it doesn't work in many instances and this is where I'm frustrated. There are many riders who have found ways to avoid moving up. 1) They know the rule only applies if they race a minimum of 6 points paying classes, so they only race 5 races in that district. 2) They don't become members of any particular district; instead, they go to 1-2 races within different districts (often winning the class by over half a lap), and/or race non-AMA races.