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  1. MTshirt

    My 04 crf250r rant

    Pay the man. What is your word worth?
  2. MTshirt

    Adjustable power?

    I have been looking at 2 strokes lately and noticed on this forum that the 250sx has adjustable power valves and two differant ignition maps. The mag tests that I have been able to find on the internet do not mention this at all. I have never owned or ridden a KTM. I am thinking about going back to a two stroke. Do these adjustments make a big differance? Is it just hype?
  3. MTshirt

    Race MX

    How many of you race your YZ250 in MX at the intermediate or B class? Do you feel like you are at much of a disadvantage against the 450s?
  4. MTshirt

    Question on fork oil quanity

    I did seals on my sons forks. I had subtanks sitting on the shelf that I wanted to try. I raised the oil level in the forks from 350cc to 365cc. He says it will not stay in ruts and is hard to get to turn. Says it wants to go straight. Thanks for your time Mike
  5. What effect if any does the amount of oil in the forks effect turn in, and rebound?
  6. MTshirt

    not scientific

    My sons bikes. B rider, MX only. Change the oil after every 2nd ride day.
  7. MTshirt

    not scientific

    With my 06 I was using Rotella oil. I had to split the case after it was about a year old. Everything had a black coating on it. I just split the case of my 07 that is about the same age as the 06 was. It has lived on Amsoil. No black residue on anything. I am sure there are other factors involved, but makes me feel good about Amsoil.
  8. MTshirt

    07 pops out of 2nd

    Grayracer you are the man. You are spot on. I tore it down today. I think it will also need the 3rd & 5th wheel gears. Not worn as bad but showing wear. I do have a couple of questions The cylinder has some light colored spots in the bore. From specs to about a 16th of an inch. All at the top of the stroke. all on the frt side. You can just feel them with your finger nail. I have never seen this before. Any ideas? The TT store does not show the 07 trans but does show the 06. Same gears? Thanks again
  9. MTshirt

    07 pops out of 2nd

  10. MTshirt

    07 pops out of 2nd

    I have not torn it down yet. It only comes out with a good load on it. A good size jump out of a turn . I am expecting to find worn cogs on the side of a gear or a bent shift fork. The bike does have a lot of time on it. I was getting the parts together to do a top end. I was not planning on splitting the case. Is there a way to diagnose a tranny before I take it apart? I would hate to miss something and have to go back in. I had to replace some of the trans gears in our 06 last year. The screws that hold the large weight for the balancer broke and messed it up pretty good. I guess my son is just hard on the trans.
  11. I highly recommend Randy @ motoworks
  12. MTshirt

    front brakes still soft..

    Are you using the stock brake lever? I have not found an after market lever that has the solid low travel feel of the stock lever.
  13. I have never ridden sand dunes. A bunch of us are going soon. Is it a lot harder on the engine than riding MX?
  14. MTshirt

    Zipty or Tokyo mods

    Both bikes are 06. My YZ has a lot of time on it. The CR has very little.
  15. MTshirt

    Zipty or Tokyo mods

    I am trading a friend my sons YZ450f for his CRF250. I had sent that carb to Zipty and was very happy with the results. On this forum there is almost no mention of Zipty but a lot of post on Tokyo mods carb work. Has anyone on here had there carb done by Zipty? Is there a reason to go with one over the other for the CRF250?