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  1. What happens when you mix semi synthetic oil (maxima) and regular oil (rotella-t; white bottle)? I was looking at them together and the rotella t sat on top and looked notably darker. I'm only doing it this one time to my motor. I searched but I found 50/50 results..
  2. try turning up the idle a bit. I personally like having the idle high enough for the bike to drive forward on flat concret without giving it throttle, without stalling.
  3. I just finished putting on a RS-2, Uni air filter, 3x5 mod, and JD jetting kit. I'm at about 3500 feet 80-95F degrees. The thing is that I turned the bike on with the choke on and then after about 45 sec. I turned it off and it idled about 2 min then it died. Then it started and died a few times but ony with the choke on and as soon as tuned th coke off it would die (Lean?). Until finally it would not start with or with out the choke. Is it the jetting or is jetting too rich for these conditions and it fouled the plug may be? Im confused am I rich or lean? please help PJ: 25 MJ:155 2.25 turns Blue needle, 2nd from the top
  4. thank you all so much. I put the stock washer on and it seems to be very solid. but is it okay to not use the other final washer that yoshi supplied. cuz the bolt is barely long enough.
  5. thats how i did it^^. It dsnt seem to work. Could perhaps someone post a pic of their rs2 on thier sm?
  6. The insructions seem to be unclear, or im reading them rong or something! Am I assembeling the rear muffler mount correctly? What am i missing other than the nut andwasher (which I have). Its an SM by the way
  7. Yes, they came with the plates. And thankyou all for the replies. I ride every weekend I live for this sport!!!
  8. Let me know what you think!! The fit is top notch. I do recommend.
  9. You should get an fmf 4.1 w/ megabomb PPPIIIICCCSSSSSSSSSSSSS?!?!
  10. My number is one because i'm number one. ...no but really, 289 because of the last three numbers of my birth date 9-2-89
  11. that's a sweet shot
  12. I agree^^ cool vid though
  13. I've done that the thing will not come off. is there a certain technique you have to do?