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  1. I have really been considering this Fox air shock.Can I get some feedback from you guys on the Pro's and Con's.I have no experience with the air shock. Thanks, X
  2. Nice bikes everyone.I like seeing pictures of everyone's machines.Here is my knock-off.I have a lot of mods I will do to it in the near future. X
  3. Very Very cool video!!!! X
  4. I put the ONE Industires KX monster energy graphics on mine and they are awsome and thick. X
  5. I have seen a picture of your bike before.I like it,It looks great with the black graphics on white plastics. X
  6. Post up some pics of your guys' graphics.I just figure if these at XGX are lame then you must have some cool shit.POST EM' I have used these XGX before and seen a few different designs on bike,and they are great quality and look killer.I agree on the over priced part. X
  7. HHHMMMMM!! I may have to check out Joker Machine.They make nice billet stuff. Thanks, X
  8. I am a dealer so I can get those,But thanks for helping me out.Check out I forgot about these guys.I have used them before on big bikes.They make graphics for CRF so they should work.They are more pricy then anyone else if you buy both the shroud,and the accessory kits. X
  9. Thanks Guys, Don,I would like some wicked white graphics for black plastics.Do you have any pics? X
  10. All of the knockoff bikes plastics look the same.Where can I get cool graphics? X
  11. Great Pics!!! I used to Ice Race a 2000 KX250.I love it.Your pictures bring back some great memories.keep em comming.I saved all of them on my computer so I can show my Brother.He also used to ice race. X
  12. Thanks Guys for all the input.Don Waffle is hooking me up when I go to Vegas in Feb.At least I will be able to sit on them,look at them ,and maybe put a little.I am not into ridding someone elses machines hard.I would only like to feel the feel of them.If that makes any sense.LOL X
  13. I just checked them out.They are very cool also.I am still not sure which way I am going.I appreciate your response out of 54 views.HHMMMMM! COME ON GUYS HELP THE NEWBIE OUT.LMAO
  14. I just did some more comparing.I really dig the PRO SSR125-PF.It has all I want.Aluminum frame,swinger,inverted fork,etc.Are they a good bike?Will the motor out of a pitster bolt in?Keep in mind my questions may be dumb,I'm a newbie to pitbikes. X
  15. Hello, I am new to the site.I have been wanting a pitbike for about a year now.I went back and read alot of old posts trying to weed out all of the information on all of the different bikes.I am 5'11 and weigh 195lbs. I want to be able to get around quick and also be able to tear it up.I have riddin' 2-strokes my whole life,and I am a little head shy of going with a four-stroke.Help me get out of this mind set.I am leaning towards the Pitster,but I am also a Tucker Rocky dealer and can get a SDG 125 for cost.I have never riddin' a pitbike.What kind of power do they create?My daughter has a 1985 Suzuki DR100 taht is a little worn out. I ride it all the time,Of course it is nothing like my YTZ250 2-stroke,But I am also getting tired of riding with all three of my kids and being way to fast for them.I thought with a pitbike I could ride it hard,and yet have fun with the kids.And if they go to the track I could still go and have fun.What do ya think?Can I make a SDG perform like a PitsterPro 125?I also would like to have the complete aluminum frame and swinger.Does anyone make this for the SDG? Sorry for the novel.LOL X