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  1. njriderac

    Crf 100/150R Hybrid

    if anyone is interested in something similiar.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=002&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=120285994005&rd=1
  2. njriderac

    2008 kx250f

    hey man - no offense, cause we all start somewhere ( i started on a DS80). But you're coming from a crf230 playbike and going to a full on race machine... frankly, its not going to matter which bike you pick - it'll be night and day.. go for the one that looks the baddest... and we know which one that is..
  3. njriderac

    Just got home with my new green machine!

    what exaclty is your point? do you have any experience with both methods? instead of filling the post with useless replies
  4. njriderac

    Just got home with my new green machine!

    Hard Break In!!! Do It!! i've used it on an 05 crf450r, 05 R1, & 07 KTM 400 & plan on using it on an 08 250f.. i've had nothing but excellent results. Come to the darkside luke.. read this http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm and join the force
  5. njriderac

    What's a good price for a '07 dealer/demo?

    Dealers demo dirtbikes?
  6. njriderac

    Red Rider - Going Green?

    Yah it is.. i've ridden an 05 crf250f and had a blast on it.. it all comes down to the lighter weight I guess.. i just have more fun and feel faster. Its worked for me in the enduro arena, i ride a '07 ktm400 instead of the 450 or 525, and i'm getting much better results. personal preference i guess.. i'm sure i'll always miss the hit of the 450 but if can save some endurance and have more fun, thats what its about when you hit your mid 30's - imo
  7. njriderac

    Red Rider - Going Green?

    You might be right, maybe it was the crf450 they thrashed on the fork. I have thought about the suzuki for the same reasons - still some thinking to do. Good thing its winter here..maybe i find a used '08 by march
  8. njriderac

    Red Rider - Going Green?

    Hey Crusty, found this interesting..i'm in the exact situation.. years on crf450's vet racing and now looking to go with a kx250f, and race it in the 450 class. I'm 35 and I realize i'm faster on a 250f and hey its more fun! I can flick it around and my arms don't tire nearly as fast.. how often was I really wide open on the 450? Plus villipoto had the fastest lap times recently on a 250f OVERALL.. looking forward to the switch.. But i keep hearing how the kx250f is all midrange-top, so i'm still tossed up between the crf and the kxf... can always add more lowend, and I heard the '08 crf250 forks blow (mx action mag)
  9. Those are the exact reasons i've been considering it. Funny, i'm starting to miss my '92 kx250 when i saw what was probably an 06 kx250 2stroker at the track. But just a memory.. i'm probably going to go with a 250f
  10. njriderac

    08 kx250f modded her a litte :)

    you just answered my question: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=552242
  11. cool - good info.. thx guys
  12. really... so does it feel a lot lighter?
  13. I'm 35, done racing the occasional MX, now only do occasional hare scramble and play ride MX.. I sold my '05 crf450r (great bike) and was thinking instead of another 450 of going down to a crf250/kx250f.. seems like it may be more fun..throw it around, etc.. don't really need the 450 power so why muscle it around anymore... BUT!! I do not want to regret this decision, maybe i'll miss the power? but the 250f professional MX laptimes like villipoto are sometimes only a cpl seconds or less behind the carmichaels... so ?? Anyone done this downsize?
  14. njriderac

    Preventive care on a XC-F-W

    he's a ktm rep All 2stroke manuals say replace piston after I think it's more like 30-40 "RACE" hours, and they rev like that... of course preventive maintenance could say - you know what, just in case, so ktm doesn't get a bad name, why don't you replace your motor every 20 hrs, that way, no ktm will ever have blown a motor! I would just forget his comment. I'm in the market for a 250xcf-w after owning a crf450 and it's not a concern of mine at all.
  15. njriderac

    Another 'which model ktm' question

    thanks for all the feedback. I didn't mean to insinuate that only MX is dangerous, I grew up riding woods,etc.. as well as MX, and they are both extreme sports, and I think HS guys are some of the toughest riders. I just meant i'm tired of having to clear a triple just to be competitive, there's very little room for error - not to mention at 34 I definately am not as fearless as I used to be so i have to build up the guts every lap to clear an 80ft triple, kinda takes the fun out of it. I'm really liking the 250 xcf-w... I do like the KTM200, and having grown up 2stroke - after owning my crf450 i'm kinda sold on the 4strokes...maintenance blows but I do like the motors.. Thanks for all the info.