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  1. Kawturbo1

    Cracked Silencer Pipe

    I am facing the same problem and looking for a replacement.Was wondering what other years would fit an 07.
  2. Kawturbo1

    Anybody know?

    Back in 03 or 04 I bored and stroked my KLX300. Last summer it finally gave up the ghost. The rod bearing went out and seized. I am now ready to rebuild it. My question is does any one know if anyone is still doing a stroked crank for the 300, or rebuild my current stroked crank with a rod kit? The original company that did it for me is no longer in buisness. I cant complain as they did a great job and that poor thing took a pounding for 10 years
  3. Kawturbo1

    99 YZ400 stroker crank

    On the powroll web site. It says they will only use a stock piston for their stroker crank.Anyone know if any aftermarket pistons can be used? Like a JE or Wiseco.
  4. Kawturbo1

    99 YZ400f

    That's it? SWEET. It starts pretty easy without it. I just wasn't sure if it had a different timing for each gear or something and would be stuck in some low power mode if it wasn't hooked up or something. Thanks.
  5. Kawturbo1

    whats interchangable yz400 and yz426 motor?

    I just rebuilt my '99 400. I used a 426 top end. Everything from the piston up.All works great. The carb is the same on the two also. The 400/426 carb is a standard FCR and has an accelerator pump. Hope this helps.
  6. Kawturbo1

    99 YZ400f

    I have a 99 YZ400f . The gear position indicator became brittle and the mounting tabs broke. Does this need to be replaced? Will it affect the way the engine runs? I can make a block off plate to replace it, no problem. But want to know what will happen if I do.
  7. Kawturbo1

    Contour HD brake cam

    Sweet, I can watch it now. I am really suprised at how clear it is. Yet another reason I like the Contour better. I mounted my gopro on the arm and tried that.It came out way to shakey to watch, without loosing your lunch. Thats awesome Ill mount my contour and try it again. Great video!!!
  8. Kawturbo1

    2006 kx 450f hard to start

    I had the same hot start problem. Would not start for anything when hot. Found that the choke was on.....DOH! look for the simple first. Its always the one you never think of.
  9. Kawturbo1

    Contour HD brake cam

    crap its blocked in my country due to copy right......DOH!!!!!
  10. Kawturbo1

    KX450 Big Bore

    So I did a search and couldnt find it. Though Im sure this topic has had a lot of discussion. But I have a stock bore KX450. Im looking at getting a big bore. Which would you go with? The 470 or a 490 or leave it stock with a high comp piston? I have an idea of what I want to go with but am always up for suggestions. What experience have you had with the kit your suggesting? The piston kit is not all it will get. Which ever one I get I am also getting a set of cams to go with it.
  11. Kawturbo1

    klx300 crankshaft/rod

    Hey thanks. I already got in touch with him and am getting the motor. But would still consider another crank for a spare.
  12. Kawturbo1

    parting out a 98 klx300

    Hello, Do you still ahev the crankshaft? Let me know how much if you do.
  13. Kawturbo1

    klx300 crankshaft/rod

    I have a 5mm stroker crank in my KLX300 from Four Stroke Works and after 7 years of abuse,on the rev limiter more than not,the rod bearing final froooooze. I need a stock crank. If anyone out there has one I really want to get my KLX going again.Or if you have info on a rod kit. Or if you have deminsions on the stock rod so I can try to find a replacement from another motor.I just cant find anyone who makes a rod kit for the KLX300.Thanks in advance.
  14. Kawturbo1

    Crank kit 06 kx450f

    So, in order to put an 07 crank in an 06 I only need to replace the 06 Balancer gear,part #59051-0055,with the 07 gear part #59051-0070? And that it nothing more? All the other gears and bearings work?
  15. Kawturbo1

    KLX250SF Turbo Build

    14.3 is the perfect ratio where all fuel is burned. however you will achieve best hp for a n/a bike around 13.2 and for a turbo bike its around 11.7-11.3 depending on amount of boost. In all probability you have an ashtray for a piston if you were running the bike anywhere near 16:1.If idle is at 10:1 you probably have the fuel pressure too high.. Idle ratio shouldnt change just by adding a turbo. so something else is causing the fat mix.You can pick up a cheap fuel pressure guage to make sure its right and dont have to mount it but you will never get it tuned right without the proper fuel pressure it affects everything.good luck keep us posted.