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  1. Rattrax

    Best crank on a banshee?

    I use a Twister Crankshaft set up in my Banshee, and have never had a problem with it. Call Louie at Twister, 1-503-663-771.
  2. Gentleman, I am looking for a aftermarket CDI box for my 05' yfz450. I see them from $70 to $400. My question is, Do I need a adjustable or non-adjustable unit, and do I really need 2000 rpm's more or is 1000 rpm's good enough. Also, what it this "Magic Power Box". I have seen them in the mags. and on ebay. They bolt on to your battery lead and somehow give you more electrical energy and power. Does anyone have one, and what do you think of it. Thanks for any help, Rattrax 05' YFZ450, Dr. D slip-on pipe, K&N air filter, Exht. Cam Mod, 41.6 RRHP on the Dyno.
  3. Rattrax

    jetting 05 yfz

    Hello, I have been reading about all the different jetting ideas for the yfz450 here. While there is a lot of great ideas here, I have one more you might consider. Try having your quad DYNO Tuned. Every quad is different, no two run the same. Any good mechanic will tell you that. While you can get it close yourself, there is no better way than a computer dyno tune. Just thought I would throw that out there. Rattrax