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  1. xrfunguy

    TT'ers Rowher Flats Ride April 23rd

    me and one of my friends will be ther at around 7 am. we all are siked!!!!!!
  2. xrfunguy

    Anyone up for a group ride at Rowher next month?

    I am in for a ride. I have been waiting to find a big group of people to go out with. so this will be perfect!!! Anyways myself and one of my buddies is in if someone can pm me with the staging info that would be great!!!!!
  3. xrfunguy

    gps cordinates

    does anyone have gps cordinates to mcivers cabin I would like to go but I need some input on how to get ther cordinates would be great. thanks
  4. does anyone have the gps cordinates to mcivers cabin please if anyone could help that would be great.
  5. I do not know if this is the right place to ask this but I am looking for a gps unit good for desert riding one that i can input gps cordinates and such. Any help on this would be great. Thanks
  6. try a dunlop 756 it is a better tire than the 739 and it is great for desert ridding. I switched from a cheng shin and the difference was unbelieveable.
  7. xrfunguy

    WR400 won't run after sitting awhile

    there is nothing wrong with your bike if it is brand new it still needs some break in time all my bikes have done this untill break in is complete.
  8. Hi guys I am new to this forum but one of the guys I work and ride with tells me you guys know your stuff. I am a honda guy currently own a 2001 xr400 with too many mods to list. I am really happy with the bike but it is time for something new. So I am kind of stuck here I cannot decide between a wr or crf I know the crf has serious valve issues and that is kind of waying on my decision I don't like the fact of spending 7k on a crf to have serious maintenance issues with it. But on the other hand I have never ridden a yamaha at all. Any help on this would be great. Thanks