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  1. Stripped down head today expecting to find big scores.None present. Think conrod is shot, little play in big end but seems to be loads of play in little end. Some guy at home reckons heat siezing but would that just not lock up all together and make a mess of the barrell and rings? Reckon engine rebuild is only answer.Thanks for input.
  2. Yes we invented the language. Hence the country from which i originate is called ENGLAND . Which is now the 2nd language of most countries. Thank you.
  3. whats the score with this then people. Crf450r 03/4 new barrell and piston fitted 2/3 months ago being running like a dream oils dropped every 8/16 hours.Last outing did'nt feel good engine locked up. Rocked engine in gear and restarted engine ok.Bike did'nt seem right so back to paddock. Try to kick bike over and it locks up on the kicker rock motor in gear and free's up.Any idea's anybody.It does start when freeded but doesnt seem right? vavles done with hot cam shim kit and everything help.
  4. Hi, stripped carb down yesterday afternoon and discovered slide back plate up side down.Turned it around bike started 2nd kick and idles like new.I can not thank you enough for all youre help.Hope i can help some one out in future, brilliant forum thanks again.
  5. Thanks i will check that out tomorrow afternoon. cheers DG(21:16 uk)
  6. I have cleaned out carb but not removed slide. But thinking back i have had this problem since i bought bike just not as bad.Idle has always been rough.
  7. I have recently replaced intake valves on my crf450 which now turns out to be a 490cc. Starting is hard and engine will not idle.Runs perfect at high rpm and anything away from idle. I have adjusted air/fuel mixture to every setting known to man but still no joy.Arrow race pipe fitted.Jetting is standard as far as we no.please anyone any ideas?