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  1. Its just blown an indicator too now i think i need to sort this out for good. it never has had a battery. and its blowing smoke but thats another story!
  2. Does that still apply if i dont have a battery? Because at the moment all my lights get brighter as i rev the engine.
  3. is the regulator anything to do with the rectifier?
  4. XR250 keeps blowing the tail light. I think it is when the bike is at full revs but can not be sure as i cant see it obviosuly. doesnt seem to affect any of the other elctrics and the brake light continues to work. and ideas anyone?
  5. Mine starts 1st kick with no fiddling at all! Lucky me I guess
  6. It does but I no longer have the key. I would really like an ignition on it though becasue if i leave it parked somewhere i dont want anyone starting the engine.
  7. I have a year 2000 XR250R kick start model and i want to be able to ride it on the road when i turn 17 in February. I am worried about security and am wondering if it is possible to fit an ignition to it. If anyone can help with this it would be appreciated. Also if you have any other suggestions as to how i could make it more secure on the road that would be helpful.