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  1. 04WR450man

    525EXC Jetting/ Carb help please!

    Hi Many thanks for your replies and you were correct, the AP is not working! I still cant get it to work though even though I can spray carb cleaner through the lower half of the carb and it comes out of the brass nozzle - It took ages to clean this! The pump just doesn't seem to be pumping any fuel to it - the diaphragm looks perfect and O-rings appear fine ?? Any ideas? I really don't know what else to try, If you push the diagram down with an Allen key with the float bowl off the carb and filled with fuel it doesn't squirt any fuel up - the check valve is not stuck but you have to push it down - is this normal? Many thanks!! Trev
  2. Hi All, I need a bit of help setting the carb up on a euro spec '05 525EXC. The problem is, when you crack the throttle from low revs it just bogs down which is really annoying! You can wack it open if the revs are built up a bit or if you have no traction and the bike runs really well apart from this. The bike is stock and had been sitting for many years, valves are in spec, clean air filter, brand new NGK plug, I have striped the carb and cleaned then air lined the jets ( brand new main jet). At the minute it has the 6 days needle, OBDTR clip 5 and jets, 178 main, 2 turns out on the fuel screw. I have tried a JD Blue on the 3rd clip and then 5th clip and a JD red needle and neither helps, the bike ran a lot worse actually,which I was not expecting. I have done the o-ring accelerator pump mod, and even tried a Yamaha diaphragm (Same a Honda I believe, noticeably longer) but it made it bog more! The carb does not have a leak jet but I could try the bottom of a Yamaha carb with one? Any other ideas? I know the preferred needle is a OCEMR, I haven't got around to ordering one yet - Will the needle have anything to do with the bog? Shall I try different clip positions etc? Thanks all and sorry for my long winded boring post! Trev
  3. 04WR450man

    Let's see those WR's!

    A couple of mine:
  4. 04WR450man

    04 wr450.

    I have the alloy frame WR front and rear fenders on mine, the previous owner fitted them and it doesn't look like they took alot of modifying: TenTin
  5. Hi, I am going to view a 2008 530 EXC later today and was wondering what to look out for? I know about all the usual checks, was looking more for specific things to check on this model if possible? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  6. 04WR450man

    WR450 Engine noise - Help!

    Hi, Yes it was apart not that long ago to replace 5th gear. There was zero play in the bearings, but I suppose anything could of happened since then. Looks like stripping it down is the only way I can go. I take it play in the clutch basket & movement in the primary shaft is considered normal then? Thanks Trev
  7. 04WR450man

    WR450 Engine noise - Help!

    Hi, thanks for the reply No, the vibration really is not that bad, its more the noise. I know they are naturally quite noisy anyway but this a step above that. (I have had two WR's) I have been playing with it today and when you rev the engine in neutral, i am sure I can hear a tap tap tap as the revs come back down, which it definitely did not do before. Many thanks Trev
  8. 04WR450man

    WR450 Engine noise - Help!

    Hi, Thanks for the reply Yes I do, always have had one. Unfortunately the noise does not go away when you take it off, already tried that!
  9. 04WR450man

    WR450 Engine noise - Help!

    Hi all My 04 WR450 has developed a strange noise, I was wondering if anyone can suggest anything to check before stripping her down? Its a clatterery type noise that is most noticeable holding the engine at constant revs ie. riding at 30-40mph in 5th gear. Basically, it has only done a handful of rides after being apart due to a 5th gear problem (dogs worn out). It is still running perfectly but it has developed this strange vibration/noise.(It came all of a sudden). I cant tell where its coming from, So far I have checked the valve clearances, they were fine. Next I checked the primary nut on the clutch side, seemed nice and tight but the shaft does have in/out play in it and the clutch hub/basket has play too. My manual doesn't say much about this, could this be my problem? How much, if any, is a normal amount of play in this area?The noise is the same with the clutch depressed. Could it possibly be a bad little end, or big end/crank??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Many thanks Trev
  10. 04WR450man

    valve clearence gone bigger?

    Hi all, I I checked the valve clearance on my 04 wr450 this morning, I had to re-shim all 5 valves because the gaps were one size too large. The bike has hotcams fitted, was shimmed when I fitted them a while back. Is this normal? I thought they got tight with wear and use etc? Thanks Trev
  11. 04WR450man

    High comp piston with hotcams?

    Hi, The trade off is losing a little bit of the tractor like bottom end torque but the mid range and top end is way better, revs so hard and fast Probably more MX power than enduro, but that's the way I like it......
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply Yes, ground is connected, fuse is good and the stator and all other plugs are good............ Now, I just bolted on my spare 2003 stator/side cover and the bike wouldn't start................(I have a spare bottom end, so have all the 03+04 parts, but the 04 crank/flywheel etc is the one I am using) Are the 03/04 stators compatible? I am stumped............. Thanks
  13. Hi all I have just re-fitted my 2004 WR450 engine after a rebuild (Chain snapped and wiped out the case) the engine started after 3 secs on the button but, now the lights dont work and its not charging the battery. I have checked, re-checked and checked everything again............... The only thing that has changed is the left side case is now a 2003 item, as the chain snapping indecent smashed a hole in my 04..... Can anyone suggest anything, please :worthy: Mant thanks Trev:thumbsup:
  14. Hi, I have a 2004 WR450, it lost 5th gear and shortly after the chain snapped and wiped out the engine case......... (I am never using a split link again!!!!) Now, I have a spare 2003 complete bottom end sitting here (crank and conrod still in), but 3rd gear is broken (just slips, no drive) and I would like to use the best parts from both to make something usable. The crank bearings etc are slightly better on my 04, so I would prefer to use that crank, if possible. There seems to be a difference between the stators, I presume I need 2 different tools to remove them, 30mm and 33mm threads? I have some concerns between the 2003 & 2004 compatibility due to the starter upgrade, the main one being: Is it possible to fit my 04 crankshaft into the good 03 case, using my 04 stator etc or is the casing different? Many thanks people
  15. 04WR450man

    Splitting the cases for the 1st time, any advice?

    Many thanks, I have the manual, I will read it over and over and take lots of pics...................Hopefully be back on the dirt soon