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  1. DA Snow

    XR650R or 525EXC

    The XR650 is faster in a straight line given the right set of sprockets. That said, my 525 will go faster than I care to travel. I run a 14 on the front and a 48 on the rear. Even with this gearing I can go 80 MPH (or faster in 6th). For the roads and trails I run, that's plenty fast.
  2. DA Snow

    New Clutch Help (KTM)

    I finally figured out the problem. My parts dealer sold me the wrong kit. The intermediate disks were a different thickness than those I removed. I had to put my caliper on the disks to tell the difference. i used the new fiber and springs with the old disks. Thanks to those who lent advice.
  3. DA Snow

    XR650R or 525EXC

    I had an 04 XR650r that I thought was a great bike. I ride primarily in the mountains of Colorado and in the Utah desert. In 07 I bought a XCW 525. I had to learn to ride all over again. It was so different from the XR. The KTM is much lighter and more maneuverable. I think the E-Start alone added 50 miles a day to my endurance. In my opinion the KTM is hands down the best bike I have ever owned.
  4. DA Snow

    KTM Clutch Help

    I just installed a new clutch kit in my 07 XCW 525. The kit (by KTM) included springs, fiber, and plates. My issue is that the clutch will not fully disengage. I've pulled it apart 3 times and frankly the clutch assembly is not that complex. I'm stuck. Anybody have any advice?
  5. I just installed a new OEM clutch kit with plates, fiber, and springs in my 07 XCW525. The clutch will not disengage fully. Any ideas or experiences like this?
  6. DA Snow

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    It's going to be a late start in Taylor Park this year. They have a lot of snow up there. It may be the best area in all of Colorado. You can spend days riding just Timberline. Our group will most likely do two or three trips this summer. Let me know if you want to join us...You might scratch up those cool graphics though.
  7. DA Snow

    Off Road Trip

    Thanks for the information. I was thinking there would be some good areas near Ely Nevada. I saw some riding in a show on Fuel TV called the Great Ride Open. Those guys had an epic trip and hit a lot of areas I've visited over the years. Wish I had the sack to step up like those guys do.
  8. DA Snow

    Off Road Trip

    For Spring Break we are planning a trip with my 3 teenage sons from Denver, Colorado to Reno Nevada. We have 10 days and we are planning to pull the toy hauler and take along the bikes. Our first stop is going to be Green River, Utah for a day, then we plan to go west on 1-70 to Highway 50 which we we take all the way to the Reno area...I'm looking for 3-4 places to camp/ride on or near HWY 50 and possibly in western Utah along 1-70. I'm pretty familiar with the areas around Reno and plan to ride a few spots there. Does anyone have any advice on where to ride and possibly camp? P.S. We are trail riders rather than track riders. Thanks!
  9. DA Snow

    New to Utah - where's the riding?

    Go to Green River...It is the off road Mecca! I was there last weekend and the conditions are great. Slickrock, sand washes, rocky trails, jeep roads, single track, whatever you want you can find it within 30 miles of GR.
  10. DA Snow

    ATTN! Excel's name change/buy out.

    My Mikuni problems started at Excel. I had them rebuild the tp end of my xr650r and add the flat slide. I tracked down the mechanic at Gay Meyers last week and he did a cople of adjustments but the darn thing still runs like junk. See my post under Mikuni posted today. Will the guys at OTD stand behind the Excel work?
  11. I recently installed a Mikuni Flat Slide carb in my 04 XR650r. I have had nothing but trouble since. The bike cuts out at low RPM and then decellerates slowly when the throttle is released. On tight single track or technical trails the bike has become dangerous to ride. The position the throttle works well is wide open. For some reason Sudco who sells the carb does not include a jetting guide with the $450+ price tag! I mainly run the bike in the mountains of Colorado and occationally in the deserts of UTAH and Nevada. I bought this carb on the promise of dependability. It has been anything but...Anyone out there know who I can turn to for expert help in getting this thing set up correctly?
  12. DA Snow

    where in CO?

    I also live in HR. I rode Cabin Ridge at Rampart last week and aside from a few snowy sections it was pretty dry...
  13. DA Snow

    Gear Bags

    Thanks I'll take a look
  14. DA Snow

    Gear Bags

    Its time to buy the kids new gear bags. Does anyone have a suggestion for a great bag. If possible I'd like one for KTM, one for Suzuki, one for Kawasaki, and one for Honda...I know, I know...
  15. DA Snow

    XR650R for trails?

    I ride the xr650r in the woods of Colorado. I may be the biggest guy you would ever come across on the trails at 6'9" and 330 lbs. There are times in tight or technical areas when I wished I was riding something more nimble. That said-you need to choose your bike to cover all the stuff you ride. When we hit the jeep roads or we ride some long loose steeps, I can't think of a better ride than the XR650r. Uphill is my favorite direction on the XR. I also ride the deserts of Utah a few times per/yr. Some of this stuff is all out sand washes and some of it is vertical rock. I have never had to drag the XR up any of it...Not that anyone could! If there is any limitation to the XR650r it lies with the rider. Sometimes all that torque and power can get you in trouble in the technical stuff.