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    01 400SX "Throttle Bog" - Honda Diaphram?

    It Is A Farelly New Bike To Me About 6-8 Rides. It Is Not A Problem That Is Just Starting, It Has Done This Since I Bought The Bike And I Am Just Now Getting Around To Trying To Dial It In. I Do Not Know What Jet Or Settings Are At Inside The Carb, I Will Be Tearing It Down This Weekend, Air/mix 2 Turns Out. I Was Thinking If The Honda Diaphram Did Work On This Model I Would Just Replace It While I Had Everything Apart. Jeremy
  2. Hi all, I have a 01 400SX and it has the "THROTTLE BOG". I come into a corner hard try and hit the throttle to pull out hard and "BluRRRRRR". it is then followed by me doing something like the chicken dance followed by the dead chicken flopping and rolling on the ground. I have been trying to do some research on this problem and there is a lot info but can't decide which way to go and it seems like all the info is on newer models. I did just install a "power now" and have not trail tested it yet but road it on the street out front seems to have better low end but it still has the bog. My Questions are: 1) Should I do the BK Mod? 2) Does the Honda diaphragm part # 16021-MEB-771 work on this model? 3) Which way is better? 4) Do I need to re-jet for the power now? Thanks in advance, Jeremy
  3. ktm_400man

    bk mod???

    I have a 2001 KTM 400SX w/ does the honda diaphram work on this model and what is a good place to order the mod from. I think I want to try this before drilling and tapping. Thanks Guy's