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  1. if i broke off the tang on helicoil on the small drianplug hole, do you think i might find it the same way?
  2. if you're looking at the clutch cover, the filter access is at like 1 o'clock to the clutch cover...or almost straight up from the rear brake pedal. the cover is a round thing (around2" in diameter). held on with two 6m bolts. Don't over torque these...9nm...max!
  3. i helicoiled the hole and lost the tang in there. Can't get it out. What do you think?
  4. what area of the oil system does the small drain plug empty?
  5. i recently helicoiled the small drain bolt hole (m6), and lost the helicoil tang in the bottom end. What should i do? I've flushed the bike a pile of times, and can't seem to find this little thing. Should i crack the crank side open and clean? HELP???
  6. are they gonna do anything for it?
  7. take apart the whole air box. its sandwiched in there. cut it out with snips. ensure you remove all the little peices of steel scrreen. i ran electrical tape around the edge to smooth it out and to ensure it never falls apart. slap it all back together
  8. i just purchased a procircuit t4 exhaust for my 06 kx250f. should i have a seal between the stock head pipe and the procircuit mid pipe? also, should i be chopping the screen out of the air box?