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  1. Any one sellin FIDDY In Florida?????? I've looked every where cycletrader ebay you name it. I cant find one anywhere. So please tell me if you are sellin one
  2. George F

    Please Help

    Yeah im probably gonna go with the honda. Thanks
  3. George F


    Does anyone here own a ttr50? Are they good bikes,are they reliable?
  4. George F

    Please Help

    I am thinkin about getting the new 2006 yamaha ttr50 vs the 2006 crf50. The ttr50 is a couple hundred bucks cheaper but im not sure if it is as trustwothy as the honda. Please help me decide about what bike to get
  5. George F

    How Much $????

    really? i have a dyno bmx bike do u think i can use those? How do u mount them on?
  6. George F


    Haha Lol
  7. George F


    undefinedyou guys got any pics of ur 50s or of u guys doing wheelies and stuff?
  8. George F

    sellin a fiddy

    any one sellin a fiddy in florida?
  9. Is it ok to do stoppies on your 50? Or does it mess up ur front brake?
  10. George F

    How Much $????

    How much would i decent pair of tall bars for a 50 be?
  11. George F

    wheeling a 50

    It sounds and looks easyLOL Ill just have to try it when i get my 50
  12. George F

    wheeling a 50

    Hey how do you wheelie a 50? What gear do you have to be in? After you have the bike wheeling is it hard to keep up?
  13. George F

    hey im new

    Hey guys im new to this site. I do not have a fifty but i really want one. My Dad and i are going to look at some tommorrow morning. Can you guys give me any tips on what i should look for when buying a fifty? Thanks undefined