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  1. Well, I pulled the trigger on a supersport. Ended up with a Triumph TT 600. 2000 model with some cosmetic damage, mechanically pristine. I rather enjoy the ride, easy to putz around on and if the notion strikes I can whip the little sucker through the turns in a hurry. I live in the Mecca of curvy mountain roads(western NC) and have put almost 1k miles on it in less than a week. Fun stuff. Quiet and subded exhaust, not terriblly flashy styling. Man, I wish I had got one of these years ago, oh well. Two of my bikes, YZ gettin fresh dino and the TT cooling down. Life is good.
  2. villiage_idiot

    Have a stator cover laying around?

    Please find this man a cover, so he'll quit whining. Hey whitesnake.
  3. villiage_idiot

    brown mtn sunday

    We were there last weekend on sunday and it was nuts. People everywhere. Think we put in 35 miles that day, ran 1 twice and nine once. Only saw a few places where the "grooming" had occured. Went to Wayehutta today. Again it was crawling with people and yahoos tearing up and down the gravel road, 15 mph my lily white ass. Wayehutta is kinda small tho, think we pretty much saw the whole place in a few hours.
  4. villiage_idiot

    Thaughts on kenda millville rubber

    I chunked the snot out of my Millville rear two weeks ago, lost upwards of 40% of the knobs. Was dry, little hardpack, some clay and lots of loose rock. Got a S12 on there now and it's amazing, simply put it has more traction that I know what to do with.
  5. villiage_idiot

    Who here rides with glasses?

    Wonderous replies. I'm storing links and prepping emails. I'll find a solution eventually, but y'all really helped me kickstart the search. Murky beaucups!
  6. villiage_idiot

    Brushy 3/19

    I am, maybe this time we can say hello. RebolC and I, grey Tacoma with a 525 and a YZ426.
  7. I've put it off as long as possible, but next week I go to the eye doc to get a prescription set of glasses. My doc told me I'd be in glasses by my mid 30s and damn if he was not right. Anyway, was looking for tips and hints as to the type of frame and so on and so forth to make wearing a helmet easier. 4 eyed riders unite!
  8. villiage_idiot

    So I bought a new YZ450F '06

    Get outta here with that Austrian man-toy of yours, got any cup-holders on that dirt Cadillac yet?
  9. villiage_idiot

    So I bought a new YZ450F '06

    From all the dust kicked up by the mags and online shootouts the general idea I get is that ANY 450 made in 2006 is a damn fine bike. It's a matter of tire pressure and how many clicks on the suspension that separates the bikes nowadays, the manufacturers really have thier ducks in a row. I'm amazed with my 426 and how well it does things, I can't imagine a better tracking(stability, not MX) bike and even the 6 y/o suspension still impresses me. I need to ride an 06, just to see what the hub-bub is all about.
  10. villiage_idiot

    who's going to Brushy

    justride-saw your van, didn't see you. We put in 33 miles sunday, and every time we'd swing by the sign-in I'd roll over to what I guess was your van(carrier on the back?), but no luck.
  11. villiage_idiot


    I'd like to know about the headlight assembly and the tail-lights. I'm going to tag my 01 426(for fire roads and such, NO superslab work) and all I need at this point in terms of "hardware" is lights.
  12. villiage_idiot

    who's going to Brushy

    Threee of us are going sunday, I figure we'll roll into the place around 10-11 am. Was a tad dusty last weekend, but due to that rain last night it should be spot-on saturday/sunday.
  13. villiage_idiot

    Durhamtown is a blast!

    Durhamtown is fun, good trails and the tracks are well designed and SAFE. Lots of stuff going on at all times, the spectacle around the diner/shop is worth the admission price alone(IMO). I pinched a tube and had it replaced while at lunch. Sure enough after I had enjoyed some tasty BBQ I strolled out and my bike was waiting and ready, 17 for tube and 20 for work(plus a hefty tip, those guys were working like crazed weasels). Lots, and I mean LOTS of quads around, some that would not move out of the way either, such is life I suppose. Oh, the drag lanes. Mindless fun, and a safe place to keep the idiots. I had a grand old time running my friends 525 KTM on the drag lanes. Good to wind down from 5 hours riding, just hammer the throttle for 6-7 seconds and giggle.
  14. villiage_idiot

    Pulling Decompression Lever while engine running

    They are on "the list". I run shorty bars already, great for tight work but man-o-man do they ever work on the shoulders. I rode a friends KTM with pro-tapers and it was like a Cadillac in comparison, but I utilize the shorter bar length alot and can't decide if I wanna go full length.
  15. villiage_idiot

    Pulling Decompression Lever while engine running

    I had a branch grab my de-comp lever and kill it. I was terrified that a valve and piston had collided. They didn't, fired right back up and I was on my way. Few hundered feet down the same trail a branch snagged my front brake lever and I ate it pretty bad...lol.