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  1. YZ4fiddy

    Triple Clamp Question

    Would 05 Pro Circuit upper and lower clamps work on 06? I seriously doubt it, but let me know
  2. YZ4fiddy

    06 YZ450 review

    Let me start by saying that I don't post very often, but have enough time on the bike now to give an honest opinion. I ride mostly @ Elsinore(hard pack/lot's of jumps) here in So Cal, but have been going up to Racetown and Competitive Edge(outdoor) lately to break up the routine. I can honestly say that this is the best bike i have ever owned for two simple reasons: Suspension is amazing, and the power is everywhere. It took me awhile getting use to it's turning habits, but with some tweaking of my riding style it's coming along. I am running a completely stock set up, this is the first bike I haven't had to change ANYTHING on, except for the chain. Being a VET novice rider, I have a tendency to get myself in to trouble and this suspension gets me out everytime. I can't say enough about it, I am 6' 195 lbs. Regardless of my Thumper name, i really am not biased in my opinion. I have had the following bikes since 03, so you could say I have ridden just about everything. - 03 yz250 04 - kx250f (lot's of extras) 04 - crf-250 (lot's of extras) 04 - rm 250 - finally sold, practically gave it away 04 - yz450 05 - crf 450 - friends bike that sits in my garage (: 05 - kx250f (still have) Did I mention how good the suspension is? (: Hard landings are nothing even at the biggest jumps in Elsinore, then on the flip side, the beat up vet @ Competitive edge felt cushy, this thing just rips through anything. Very happy with the bike! I don't attribute the turning issues I have to the suspension set up , rather rider error and misjudging breaking points, you seem to go faster then you think sometimes on this bike because the power is so smooth and the suspension is so good. Anyway... if you are looking for a 450, get something other then Blue. i want to feel at an advantage lining up this spring -
  3. YZ4fiddy

    Pro's and Con's of 4 vs 2 strokes??

    I don't think you can go wrong with either, I currently own two four strokes and one two stroke and I find myself going back and forth. The suspension is so good on the new bikes that they are all a lot easier to ride. Actually the new YZ125 is an amazingly fun bike, it might lack a little down low compared to it's 4-stroke counterpart, but I guarantee you it is just as fun! (that's why we ride right?) My only suggestion would be if you go 2-stroke, stay with a Yamaha or Suzuki, both have awesome suspension and matching motors.
  4. YZ4fiddy

    Would a 450F be too much for me?

    One word - Yes
  5. YZ4fiddy

    New YZ450F OIL LEAK!!!

    I bought my 06 that same day from Hahm, Team Yamaha was there that night doing an autograph session. Hahm hooked me up big time, this is the 3rd time they have saved me a ton of ca$h! Just benchmark La pricing with them and keep the business in OC
  6. Had an opportunity to take my bike out to the local track(Elsinore) last Sat. I am coming off some serious injuries from New Years, but even with 7 healing ribs and dislocated collar bone, I was able to push this bike pretty quickly. I love it! I didn't experience the push everyone is talking about, but the track is packed pretty hard. I was actually able to hit every line i was doing on my 04rm250(great bike too for sale only $3200 cash to someone local) Quick plug (: My only complaint is with the chain, that thing is junk, stretched like no other bike I have been on. Had to adjust it twice through out the day. Suspension was phenominal, gears are super wide 2nd and 3rd all day. Just so easy to ride! Add me to the fan club
  7. YZ4fiddy


    It's never a topic fun to talk about but wanted to share some new found wisdom. Last Friday night ,around this time actually, I was being life flighted to the nearest ER. I made a mistake and jumped without a spotter in Ocitillo Wells (sp?) I am lucky enough to be here tonight and probably will be riding again in a couple of weeks. Please remember to always have a spotter when jumping blindly, and don't go at unsafe speeds(riding over your head) when you don't know the terrain. Besides myself, I have seen to much carnage already this year 6 days in to it. Be smart your families, friends and most impotantly you will have more fun! I am a new newbie, so wanted to keep it short. Happy New YEAR